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7 Ways to Stay in the Honeymoon Stage of Dating ...

By Kelly

Relationships are great, but sometimes it can be hard to stay in the honeymoon stage of dating. The honeymoon phase is that part of your relationship where you two are infatuated with each other. For many relationships, this honeymoon stage of dating ends after a couple of months. Here are some of my tips to stay in the honeymoon stage of dating way past those first few months and keep the spark alive no matter how long you two have been together.

1 Go on Dates

After a while, it may seem normal to stay in every night and watch a movie, but to stay in the honeymoon stage of dating, try going out once in a while. It is reminiscent of the beginning of your relationship and will keep that spark going for you two. And it allows you two to take a night off and just focus on each other.

2 Get Dolled up

When you two are so comfortable with each other, when you hang out it usually means sweatpants and hair thrown up in a bun. And, while I’m sure your man loves you no matter what, sometimes it is nice to get dolled up for each other. If he is coming over, take a few extra minutes to do your hair, put together a nice outfit, and put on some make up. It shows your guy that you still would go the extra mile to impress him.

3 Keep Some Things to Yourself

During those first few dates, you may feel the need to tell each other every thing about yourselves, but it might be a good idea to keep some things to yourself. If you want to stay the honeymoon stages of dating, you should be able to still be learning about each other well after the first few months of dating. It keeps things exciting and allows you to keep some mystery about you.

4 Keep Things Interesting

To stay in the honeymoon stage of dating, you need to keep things interesting. Your relationships may become habitual, which is fine, but it is always nice to keep your man on his feet. The key is to be spontaneous and unpredictable. Surprise him at work or plan a unique date that is different that something you usually do.

5 Make Time for Friends

The honeymoon stage of dating is when you two can’t stand being apart, but it might be smart to make some time for your girls. If you two spend some time apart, it makes it that much more meaningful when you are together. If you are always together, when you see him, it might not be the butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling anymore.

6 Pay Attention to Your Feelings

If you want the honeymoon stage to last, you need to pay attention to how you feel and what makes the honeymoon stage so special. If you can pinpoint what feelings make you excited about seeing each other, you can focus on prolonging those feelings. Once you know what makes the relationships so special, it becomes easier to work towards keeping those special parts of your relationship alive long after the traditional honeymoon stage is over.

7 Put in Some Effort

The honeymoon stage of dating doesn’t come easily to everyone (props to you if it does). It is kind of like achieving that effortless look in the morning. It takes a lot of work into making it seem effortless. If you and your guy put in effort it making the honeymoon stage of dating last, that effort will pay off.

Did these tips help you stay in the honeymoon stage of dating? How do you stay in the honeymoon stage of dating in your relationship?

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