8 Ways to Tell He is Interested ...


Are you trying to figure out all of the signs he is interested in you? Are you still not sure if your crush really likes you? Don't worry girls, I've got all of the top signs he is interested in you! That way you'll be able to tell if the guy you like is interested or if you should move on. So girls, you ready to explore the top signs he is interested in you?

1. He Rambles

The first sign he is interested in you is all about the rambling. When you are close, does he constantly ramble when he's around you. The reason why he rambles is because he's super nervous to be around you! For me, rambling is so, so cute.

He Tries to Relate to You


@Heather Jensen, So, I'm in high school and I like a guy a year older than me. We're both in band together and play the same instrument so we have one class together and actually spend a fair amount o...
Him *
Hi Heather, There is this guy I like but can't tell if he likes me back . He teases me playfully a lot and doesn't do that with other girls in my school . he calls my name a lot to get my attention an...
Angelina Barker
ramblings so cute
Heather Jensen
Hi Juli! I think that you might need to talk to him! Not exactly pour your feelings out, but maybe try to flirt with him and see exactly how he responds. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Livy! I think that you definitely need to talk to him a bit and see how he feels. :)
@Heather Jensen I need some help with this guy at school, he is in one of my classes and we always make eye contact and he always stares at me when im talking to other guys around him... We only reall...
Hello, Im 16 and I need some help. There's this guy I like, he's really sweet has a great personality and funny. We've been friends for like a year and half now and I kind of had a crush on him but de...
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