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7 Tips for Being His Friend First ...

By Heather

Learning how to be his friend first, before you can be his girlfriend isn't the easiest task in the world. In fact, it's difficult to put your feelings aside and to just be his friend first right? If you're trying to learn how to be his friend first, I've got all of the top tips below! These tips will help you learn the ins and outs of how to be his friend first! So take a look girls!

1 Don't Be Shy

The first 'how to be his friend first' tip that we're going to talk about is you. You need to learn not to be shy with your crush, instead, be out there a little bit, put yourself out there. Guys like girls that are outgoing and want someone to be their friend that is going to spill everything to them – and that they can spill. So girls, beef up on your confidence and quit being shy!

2 Common Ground

When you are trying to be his friend, one of the biggest things that you'll need to remember is that you have to have some common ground. Common ground is what will make you BFF's girls! Do you have something in common? Do you both like video games? Do you both like math class? Think of something that you both like and draw on it! This is absolutely one of the best 'how to be his friend first' tips that will make your friendship so much stronger!

3 Gain His Trust

Your friend has to trust you, so you'll have to work on gaining his trust. Does he tell you all kinds of secrets? Do you keep them? These are important things to remember, especially when you are learning how to be his friend first. If your 'friend' to spill things to you, you've got to make sure that you are going to gain his trust.

4 Be Yourself

One of the most important lessons that you'll need to learn when learning how to be his friend first is be yourself. There is no sense in putting up any walls or fronts girls, you've got to be yourself if you really want your 'friend' to like you and stick with you through thick and thin! Being his friend first is all about honesty girls and you've got to be yourself in order to be honest!

5 Take an Interest in His Life

When you are trying to learn how to be his friend first, make sure that you take interest in his life! That means that you'll have to dig a little bit and see exactly what he likes to do. You don't necessarily have to be involved in every single thing that he does, but it's great to know what he likes and what his interests are!

6 Don't Move Too Fast

When you are just learning how to be his friend first, make sure that you don't move too fast into trying to be more than his friend. Truthfully girls, you've got to ensure that you are compatible and that he likes you as more than a friend. So be his friend first and take it slow!

7 Admit You Have a Crush when the Time is Right

Finally, only admit that you have a crush on him when the time is right for both of you. Not a second sooner! You want the time to be right girls, you don't want to rush right into it – it can lead to broken hearts and hurt feelings.

So girls, there you have it, all of my tips on how to be his friend first! Remember, learning how to be his friend first might not be easy, but it'll pay off! So, what other tips do you have to share?

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