7 Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You ...

By Diana

7 Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You ...

If you’ve spent one too many hours obsessing over his latest status update, here’s your crash course on ways to tell if a guy likes you. From flirty texts to quick glances in the hallways, these 7 tips will help you figure out whether he has a thing for you or has placed you in the friend zone. Get ready for a cheat sheet to the game of love!

1 He Catches Your Eye…then Quickly Looks Away

This is probably one of the oldest ways to tell if a guy likes you. If you notice him gazing dreamily in your direction (and his face goes beet red from embarrassment as soon as you catch him), he probably harbors a major crush on you –or is just really creepy (but it’s usually the former).

2 He Gets Really Nervous around You

A second key way to tell if a guy likes you is to study his body language when he’s around you. If he stutters and stammers while making crazed hand movements, he’s into you. Remember all of the adorable awkwardness between Gwen and Peter in “The Amazing Spider Man”? Well, we can’t promise he’s got awesome superpowers, but we’re almost positive he wants you as his leading lady.

3 His Friends Tease Him More than Usual

Ladies, listen up: when his best buds can’t stop chuckling and nudging him toward you, it’s clear that he’s been talking about you. If he’s enduring some heavy teasing, it only means that he’s told them all about your glossy hair and obsession with “Pretty Little Liars”. Bad for them, but oh-so-good for you!

4 He Pays Attention

Does he know your favorite hangout spots or how much you adore baby elephants? Chances are, he’s keeping his ears open because he’s interested in you as more than a friend. By learning the details, he’s trying to forge a connection, paving the way to date night!

5 He Gives You Special Treatment

Another way to tell if a guy likes you is to compare the way he treats you with the way he treats the other ladies in his life. If he insists on driving you to tennis practice or compliments you even when you’re in sweats, you’re someone special. So don’t be surprised when he leans in for a kiss!

6 He Turns into a Prankster

If he lightly teases you, he’s unleashing his inner jokester because he has a crush (on you, of course!). Don’t be afraid to clown around –it’ll show him your fun, flirty side. If can dish it, he can take it!

7 He Facebook Chats with You

One last way to tell if a guy likes you is to remember how many times he’s Facebook chatted with you over the past few weeks. Sometimes, super shy guys will take to the Internet to express their affection because –let’s face it –online messages are a lot less nerve wracking than face-to-face talks. He’s doing it to get to know you, so type away!

These are 7 of the top ways to tell if a guy likes you. Have you noticed any of these signs? Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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hallo! I have a small story. So, when I was in kindergarten I was best friends with this guy, let's call him p. P was the only one that would play with me. I had a crush on the really popular kid, called j. J had a best friend, I, who hated me. J was a really shy nice kid. In second grade, on valentine's day after school, I walked out with j to tell him how I felt. "J, I kinda.. um.... like you" and I stuttered and was blushing badly. He looked at me like I was crazy before walking away. I was shattered. The next day i was teasing me about it. So was everyone else. The only one who wasn't was p. In grade 7 there was a kid, let's call him k. He asked me and my friends out repeatedly. I gave in and said yes, because he was part of our group and I felt bad for him. I felt really guilty for leading him on so I broke up with him the next day, and a week later we did the same thing. During the summer I found out he was dating my two best friends at the same time before he moved away. In eighth grade an old friend, b, wanted help with her friend, g, because she liked him and he didn't like her. She dragged me into a bunch of stuff with p and g and it made me feel like crap. She said I had to start dating p so she could find out of g liked her or not and I got really angry. What right did she have to force my best friend and I into a relationship? I and j still avoided me. B went on to tell me that p liked me, which I already knew. I didn't like him like that. Him and I talked about it and b and g ended up not dating. Me and p stayed friends, but we weren't joined at the hip anymore. We distanced from each other and it made me feel like a royal b- okay... enough with my feelings. Anyway, j was being nicer to me, and so was I. They were both talking to me, and I and myself had a lot of long conversations. J said little things like 'hey' to me or laughed at my clumsiness but I couldn't bring myself to actually talk to him without blushing or feeling sad. His friend L wasn't helping. Previously in grade 7 there was a guy I had fallen head over heels for, called f. He rejected me both times I asked him out and later in the year, my best friend, a, was asked out by him. She treated him like dirt, openly flirting with other guys and ended up almost getting undressed in front of one of them. F was oblivious. I couldn't bring myself to ask anyone out again. So now I have a huge problem. I still like j, p still likes me, P'sbest friend likes me, and so does a guy in a higher grade. I don't like breaking hearts or leading people on, but seemingly that's what I've been doing all along. What do I do?

So i like this guy but im not sure if he likes me back. A couple days ago while i was eating lunch with my friends he walked passed me 3 times and usually he doesnt walk in this certain area. And yesterday i caught him looking at me in one of my classes.

This all sounds like advice to girls in middle school and high school. I'm 23 and date guys ranging in ages up to 10 years older than me, how does goofing off and "nudging" from friends confirm a 28 year old auto technician is into you when your both failing at a game of pool? That is easily his friends making fun of him for being a terrible pool shark... None of this makes sense to me

i like this guy and have no idea if he likes me he doesnt do half of the things you have mentioned well the 7things anyway he told me my hair was nice when i got it cut and he was the only guy to say because i work with him and he has looked at me before but it was weird it was like i had five heads but there was one other time he looked at me for a few minutes i felt like there was something there and also when im talking to him and were having a laugh he smiles and all but i think he is seeing someone now and im so confused because i thought he liked me just a wee bit i dont know what to do im so hurt and jealous im older than him but he isnt immature i dont want to get over him i want to know if he liked me at all and also he use to ignore me i would have to start the ball rolling and talk to him and i actually think he hates me because of looking at me like i had five heads and i requested him as a friend on facebook and he didnt add me but added other girls we work with and also he was talking to this girl i work with and when i came down he didnt talk i dont get him but have fallen hard for him

He chats me on Facebook yet he doesnt like any of my pictures

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