What He Wants You to do More of According to His Zodiac Sign ...


What He Wants You to do More of According to His Zodiac Sign ...
What He Wants You to do More of According to His Zodiac Sign ...

There is an old fashioned belief among some women that all men are simple and easy to please, but in my personal experience, I have found the exact opposite to be true instead! Have you ever had the feeling that you could be doing something extra to make your man happy, but he doesn’t seem to be forthcoming with any requests or information? It might be that he doesn’t want to voice his feelings, or it might simply be that he isn’t sure of himself to begin with! Here is what he wants you to do more of according to his zodiac sign.

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He wishes that you would be spontaneous in your affection and sexuality with him. He doesn’t always want to be the one who has to initiate intimacy.



He wishes that you would talk dirty to him more often. He gets really turned on by communication so having you tell him what you want and what you like will drive him crazy!



He wishes that you would bring more sex toys into the bedroom. He is too shy to ask out loud, but he likes to enjoy them just as much as you do on your own!



He wishes that you wanted to have sex outside of the bedroom more often. He likes to utilise all of the places in the home like the shower, the kitchen counter ... all of those potentially sexy locations!


Cancer is a sign that loves to take things slow and savor the moment. He loves to explore new places and experiences, and the bedroom is no exception. He will appreciate it if you are willing to try something different and take the time to explore each other in different places in the home. He will also appreciate it if you are willing to take things slow and enjoy the experience. He is a sign that loves to show his love and affection in different ways, so be sure to take the time to appreciate the effort he puts into making the experience special.



He wishes that you would let him dominate more often. Your tendency is to take control in any situation, but what he wants is to be able to be the one in the driving seat every now and then!



He wishes that you would touch yourself in front of him more often. He really gets off on the voyeuristic side of sex, so being able to watch you as you pleasure yourself is something that he loves.



He wishes that you would make a little more effort in the lingerie department from time to time. He is a very visual person, so he loves seeing that he has the whole package to play with and unwrap!


Libra is a sign of balance and harmony, and this extends to the bedroom. Libra loves to be visually stimulated, so they appreciate when their partner puts effort into lingerie. They love the anticipation of unwrapping the whole package and being able to play with it. To make Libra feel extra special, try out different lingerie styles, fabrics, and colors. Mix it up to keep things exciting and show Libra that you care about their pleasure.



He wants to do anal at least once, but he is scared of hurting your feelings or making you angry! Take the initiative if you are open to it and suggest it yourself instead.



He wants you to be a little more creative sometimes. You have gotten into a groove of the thing that you know you are good at, but he would prefer you to take some risks in the bedroom every now and then.



He wants you to pay more attention to him during foreplay. He won’t admit it, but sometimes he prefers foreplay to the actual main event.


He may come across as stoic, but beneath that reserved exterior lies an intense desire for you to explore and appreciate every inch of him. Talk to him, tease him, and let the anticipation build. With his traditional values, it's all about a slow burn, building to a peak that's all the more powerful for the wait. Remember, actions speak louder than words, so show him how much you desire him and watch your intimacy grow.



He wants you to get on top more often. Sometimes he gets bored with having to be the one who makes all the effort and makes all the moves!



He wishes that you could get more into roleplay because he absolutely loves pretending to be someone else in bed. It frees him up and gives him plenty of courage to try different things!

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