The Type of Fuckboy Your Zodiac Sign Attracts ...

By Melly

If you have been in the dating game for as long as I have, then you will know that sometimes you attract some real winners, and then other times you attract complete and utter fuckboys! There is no getting away from them sometimes, it’s almost as if there is a fuckboy for every occasion! If you know the type that you tend to attract, then you can do better at fending them off when you need to! Here is the type of fuckboy your zodiac sign attracts.

Table of contents:

  1. aries
  2. taurus
  3. gemini
  4. cancer
  5. leo
  6. virgo
  7. libra
  8. scorpio
  9. sagittarius
  10. capricorn
  11. aquarius
  12. pisces

1 Aries

You attract man babies because you have such a caring nature that they are drawn to you and end up wanting to take advantage of your natural maternal instincts.

2 Taurus

You come across as rather shy and unassuming, therefore there is a tendency for fuckboys who think they can control you to try to get with you. They’ve got another thing coming once they get to know you though!

3 Gemini

You have a laid back nature but you still possess a good work ethic. Unfortunately, not all fuckboys see that second side, and so the really lazy ones try to get with you because they think you are a kindred spirit.

4 Cancer

You love nothing more than give, give, give, and as a result those needy fuckboys tend to come knocking at the door. They are like romantic and emotional vampires who just need all the attention you can give.

5 Leo

There is a relatable, girl next door quality about you, which often translates into guys who aren’t over their exes trying to get in your pants because you remind them in some way of the person they are still in love with.

6 Virgo

The kind of fuckboy that wants to get with you is looking for a mother, not a lover! You are strong and serious and mature, and really they just want to be mothered.

7 Libra

Your fun-loving nature, unfortunately, means that you can get a lot of attention from guys who are only looking for a casual good time rather than a serious relationship.

8 Scorpio

You are so outwardly beautiful and perfect that you often attract men who are only interested in the surface level. It can get very boring.

9 Sagittarius

The kind of fuckboy that you attract is the kind of guy who can’t take anything seriously, ever. He thinks everything is just one big joke and that gets incredibly annoying.

10 Capricorn

Honestly, you just tend to attract dicks! You are real eye candy, so sometimes guys just want you as a trophy on their arm.

11 Aquarius

You are a very good and polite listener, which means that you can often attract guys who are really boring because you are too polite to just send them packing!

12 Pisces

You attract the kind of guy who is more concerned with looking the part than actually being the part. He might be hot but he is totally emotionally detached and unavailable.

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