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Wondering what it means when he doesn't answer your texts? For as long as cell phones have been a big part of everyone’s lives, texting has been a big part of everyone’s relationships and romantic interests! It’s a stone cold fact that when you first meet someone that you develop a crush on, the majority of your interaction with each other is most likely done via text. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, because texting gives you the chance to think about things before you say them, and you can also be a little more cheeky when you aren’t necessarily face to face! However, a problem can sometimes arise when, for reasons you are fully aware of, he starts to get in to the habit of not answering your messages. Here is what it means when he doesn't answer your texts.

1. He’s Busy

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Maybe you are jumping to all the wrong conclusions, the most likely reason is that he is genuinely busy! Our social and professional lives are busier now then they have ever been, so it is understandable that he might go a little bit quiet if he has a big deadline coming up or big meeting to prepare for. Make sure you have all the facts before starting a row! Being busy is one of the best answers for what it means when he doesn't answer your texts.

Too Much Too Fast


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If it's too much too fast and he gives you the cold shoulder will he eventually text you back when we sorts things out
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