How to Know He is the One for You ...


How to Know He is the One for You ...
How to Know He is the One for You ...

Have you ever, when in a relationship, been asked that rather annoying and unclear question of “is he the one for you?” I have. And I hate the question. While it’s literally impossible to know whether someone is your forever and ever, it’s important to feel confident in your choice of a partner. So here I’m going to reveal 3 of the most precise signs that will alert you whether that person is your true happily-ever-after or if it’s time you make a change in your life.

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Level of Comfort

This is one of the most important things I have learned about relationships. What I call the “level of comfort” is how comfortable you feel being with a person. It’s that simple, yet underestimated, when girls feel like they should go out of their way to do a certain thing or behave a certain way in order to make sure it appeals to their partner. Or being ashamed to act as your natural, crazy unique ways in fear of being judged or told not to do it. Ain’t that crazy?

There’s only one precondition of being with someone for the rest of your life and that is knowing that you DO NOT need to hide or change who you are to please someone. That goes a long way and is the most crucial decision-making factor for a future life together.


Never Wanting to Leave His Side

See the trick here is that I’m not saying “always want to be with him.” I’m talking about never wanting to leave when you’re together.

Love is a powerful feeling and not wanting to leave someone’s side means that you mutually enjoy each other’s company. If that’s the case, it means you’re ready to spend your life with someone always wanting to go back to them.


Make Sure the Abovementioned is Mutual

It’s important to understand the abovementioned two aspects about your own self. But what’s no less important for a happy future is to make sure that those two points are mutual. Meaning that, he needs to feel the same level of comfort and home around you. So when someone asks whether or not your partner is the one for you, do not feel bad for saying you don’t know just yet.

Finding your happily ever after is very hard. Not because there aren’t good people to spend a lifetime with. No. But because finding someone you can be around with 100% comfort and true to yourself is not an easy thing. It takes time for people to get used to each other and loving someone, most definitely, does not come from only first sight.

So unless you’re lucky enough to predict it correctly from the very beginning, I hope you stay patient to uncover all the beautiful things about your partner and your relationship.

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