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6 Warning Signs There is a Disconnect in Your Relationship ...

By Sici

There are several signs there is a disconnect in your relationship. In an ideal world, you would find the person who you are supposed to be with forever and live in peaceful, unproblematic bliss for the rest of time, but any adult knows that this kind of dream is just that - a dream! Even when you are in love with somebody and are pretty sure that they love you back, there can still be a lot of obstacles and issues in a partnership between two mature individuals. Whether the problem is coming from their side or it is coming from your side without you even realising it, the quicker you can identify it, the quicker you can work to solve it. Here are six classic signs there is a disconnect in your relationship.

1 No Interaction

This is one of the top signs there is a disconnect in your relationship. When you do go out and do things together, you hardly interact with each other. When you are out to dinner as a couple, you end up spending more time on your phones than looking at each other, and when you are in a group setting, you deliberately spend time with others rather than together.

2 Cell Phone Addiction

I’ve alluded to it in the previous point, but cell phone usage deserves a paragraph all of its own! Sure, there’s a whole world of information and interaction in your pocket, but when you get to the point where you would rather scroll through Twitter or Instagram than talk to your partner, then you know that there is a major disconnect happening between the two of you.

3 Less Eye Contact

You’re finding that you make less and less eye contact that you used to in the honeymoon phase. There isn’t anything much more intimate than long-lasting eye contact, and an inability to connect with your partner in this way could be an indicator of something like guilt, anger, disinterest, whatever it is, it’s probably not good! Lack of eye contact usually alludes to dishonesty!

4 Non-Inclusive Plans

You are starting to make more and more plans that don’t include your partner. You would rather spend quality time with your besties than the person who is supposed to be your number one, and that really isn’t a good pattern to be getting in to.

5 More Fighting

Every single couple has fights over the course of their relationship, being so intimately connected to another person is bound to cause tension every now and then. However, when you start to do more fighting than anything else, that’s when you know that there is a deeper problem afoot.

6 Less Sex

Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship, so if you have started to notice that your sex life with your partner is becoming less and less frequent, then you have to ask yourself if there is a specific reason for this, or if it is just a slowing down of the feelings and passion that you have for each other. If you are not as sexually attracted to your partner as you used to be, then that is serious disconnect issue.

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