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This is What Makes You a Clingy Girlfriend ...

By Sici

Have you ever been accused by an ex-boyfriend, or even perhaps by your current boyfriend, of being too clingy? If so, then can you put a finger on what it is that is making you this way? For lots of women, it can be difficult to try to assess your behaviour from an outside, neutral perspective because you find it hard to detach yourself from your here and now! That’s understandable, but luckily for you, I am here to lay down a few home truths that you may or may not want to here! Here is what makes you a clingy girlfriend!

Table of contents:

  1. Constant texting
  2. Lack of trust
  3. Social media stalking
  4. Constant contact
  5. Follow him around
  6. Jealous
  7. Constant reassurance

1 Constant Texting

You text your boyfriend multiple times an hour, but deep down you aren’t doing it because you have something important or worthwhile to say to him, you are doing it so that you can keep tabs on what he is doing and exactly who is doing it with. You want to be involved in every single part of his day!

2 Lack of Trust

You love him, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t completely trust him. When you are so clingy, this lack of trust doesn’t stem from anything that he has actually done or said, it simply comes as a reaction and result of not being able to be with him every single minute of the day. If he’s not with you, then he might be off having fun with someone else, right?

3 Social Media Stalking

You are absolutely addicted to stalking all of his social media platforms and making mental notes of anything you see that you want explained or any little comment from someone or tagging of a meme that might seem like a red flag to you. I promise you, it’s not all as deep as you think it is, it is just your clingy nature coming out and showing its worst side.

4 Constant Contact

You want to spend every single minute of every single day with him, even when you know that he has plans that aren’t particularly interesting to you. When you try to force your way into things like boys’ nights or trips to sports games, you come across more a strict parent than a loving girlfriend. Let him have his space, he will love you much more for it.

5 Follow Him around

You have the tendency to follow him around and track his movements when he is hanging out with friends. Oh, do you just happened to bump into the group at the same bar in the city? Come on, don’t be silly, he will see through that straight away.

6 Jealous

You feel jealous and even nervous when he chooses to hang out with anyone that isn’t you. You start to see everyone else as a threat and this can only mean that trust in the relationship is going one way, and this is down.

7 Constant Reassurance

If all the above isn’t enough to show what makes you a clingy girlfriend, you have to take it to the max by constantly asking your SO about “where are we” in your relationship. An occasional chat is ok, but you shouldn’t need to badger him to have deep and meaningful conversations about your relationship and certainly don’t ask him about getting a holiday card together after only a month of going out.

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