When ⏰ to Say πŸ’­ I Love You ☺️ ...


I love you…those three little words that cause such complications in relationships and lives. Depending on what those words mean to you and depending on what they mean to somebody else, they can have a multitude of connotations. With so many meanings for every single individual and the timing of when it is said and by whom, those three little words have been known to cause as much trouble and heartache as they do joy and total elation. So when is the best time to say I love you?


We all know people who just love everything – those shoes, that little dog, β€œOh I just love babies/milkshakes/stilettos/the colour blue” they gush. So for them saying I love you is just part of that group right up there nestled between the Brussel sprouts ~ or is it? Being in love and loving things have different variants for everyone, but at the end of the day when it comes to relationships and declaring love for another person, it has the potential to be the stickiest situation of all.


There are mass debates about when is the right time to tell someone you love them for the first time. If you say it too early you may cause all sorts of humiliations and anxiety while the object of your affection, feeling smothered and suffocated looks for the first opportunity to flee. But if you leave it too long, the object of your affection may not be that for much longer and you will slide into the friend zone, with the opportunity lost forever.

When NOT to say I Love You

Well, this part should be a no-brainer and much easier to figure out than when the actual right time is, but if you are still not sure – here are some ideas to help you save serious face.

1. Post-Coital Bliss

After sex is possibly the worst time ever in the history of love, to say I love you. Damp and sweaty declarations of love at this point are just tacky and shallow and very possibly a listed cardinal sin.



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