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7 Secrets to Finding Love This Year ...

By Leiann

My 2018 New Year's Resolution was to find a man this year. So far? No good.

If you are in a relationship, good for you. If not, this video may give us gals still looking for a special someone some hope!

Watch this!

Mathew Boggs teaches 7 steps. Let's discuss...

1 Forget

Forget the things you think you need to fix.

2 Focus

Focus on what you want!

3 New Beginning

Give yourself a fresh start.

4 Converse

Initiate conversation! Men are just as scared as you.

5 Passion

Follow your passion. Live your purpose.

6 Scouts

Let friends be a scout for you!

7 Coaching

Get some coaching on how to seize opportunities we would not have seen by ourselves.

All of this does make sense...stop thinking we need to change who we are, don't settle for just anything, maybe I should give myself a new hair-do, maybe I might give him a compliment, maybe I can take that new opportunity and meet someone while there, OK maybe that blind date won't seem so bad, and finally why is my friend so bossy on telling me what to do...I guess I could take their advice...

I hope you found this YouTube video to be of some help! I think I am going to focus on more relationship stuff. What is your opinion? Leave me a comment with your feedback.

Thanks! 2018 is not over yet!

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