Why do We Fall for Douchebags ?


Why  do We Fall for Douchebags ?
Why  do We Fall for Douchebags ?

I was recently texting my long distance BFF and we discussed that I should start blogging about my interesting encounters with dating, some tips I’ve picked up along the way, and ways to make the best of it.

Now dating is exhausting. I get it. Try living in south Florida with a dating pool full of, excuse my french, “f**kboys.” Now, who am I to offer any kind of insight being a 24 going on 25 year old still having much to experience. But hear me out.

Now I’ve listened to podcasts and heard my friends' sob stories about how they can’t find a man because they all “suck,” “the good ones are taken,” “I’m better off alone,” etc etc. All the while still hoping to somehow magically run into their Prince Charming while at the supermarket?

As much as we’d like the “perfect” guy to bang on our door it doesn’t just happen overnight. Getting to the point, let’s talk about a specific type we all know and yet still manage to get tangled in their manly web of lies. Douchebags.

My first boyfriend was one. He opened my eyes to the whole dating world and after three attempts with him, I came to my senses and was brought to the ultimate conclusion that I DESERVED BETTER. I should not have been pushed to the side when he felt the overwhelming need to see his friends or play sports, then maybe in his “spare time” remember that he had a girlfriend. Not defending myself, but I was a lovestruck teen and didn’t really know anything about dating. So, what is it we like about these guys?

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They Evoke Confidence

They know the right things to say to make you feel beyond special, only to realize later on (and frankly when you’re already in too deep) that they’re in fact, egotistical or insecure, or even worse, a combination of the two.


All They Want is You

That is until they decide one day out of the blue and after some subtle hints that they don’t want you anymore. Here are a few classic one-liners: “You’re a great girl but I’m just not ready.” “It’s not you, it’s me I’m just too busy for a relationship.” A word in fact to these ... no matter how much you want to believe them, they’re all BULLSHIT. If a man wants you, he will do whatever he can to ... to quote He’s Just not that into you but this applies...MAKE IT HAPPEN. End of story. Facts are, he is probably seeing one if not more than one other woman and would rather fool around than be with a queen like yourself. I may also advise you to stay far away from those on Instagram that slide into your dms. Cos chances are and you know the type I’m talking about, they’re looking to hit and quit it. Also watch out for the ones who only post shirtless selfie pics *vom.*


They’re Exciting

We women love the drama. They run hot and cold. They’re chasing you then they’re not. They play jealous then aloof. Just the up and down makes my head spin. Let’s move past all the nonsense and listen to our gut instinct for once, shall we? When we hear that little voice that says it’s not worth it, LISTEN TO IT. Tell me, can you really imagine yourself dealing with that for the rest of your life? NO. When you get married and eventually have kids someday, you want someone reliable and who can be your partner in life. Not someone you can’t get a hold of in case an emergency happens.

Back to what I was saying before, you deserve better. Beauties hang in there because you will find it. Hope my first shot with the whole blogging thing wasn’t too painful. Until next time my lovely ladies ✌🏻

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