Why do We Keep Going Back to Our Ex ?


Why do We  Keep Going Back to Our Ex ?
Why do We  Keep Going Back to Our Ex ?

Ever wondered why do we keep going back to our ex? He texted “come over” and like a smart woman, I waited until the next day to see him. Now I’m sitting home alone wondering why he hasn’t answered my calls or my texts. And all I can think is, I’ve been duped. Then something else hits me: why do I keep going back to my ex? Why do any of us continue to run back to our exes? Here are some answers for the age-old question, why do we keep going back to our ex?

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Much like where you go to buy your groceries or buy your clothes, you're going back to this guy because you know him. You know what you're getting with this person. There are no surprises and nothing new will happen. You can just be with him. Familiarity is one of the top answers for why do we keep going back to our ex?


You’re a Masochist

If you're not aware, a masochist is someone who enjoys pain, whether that be physical or emotional. Although, I think it’s more complicated than that. At some point, you’re so used to the pain you feel that not experiencing it feels foreign to you. So you continue to go back to your ex not because you love him, but because you’re so used to how he treats you or makes you feel, that you can’t live without him.


Deep down It’s Love

For those of you who aren’t masochists, you go back to your ex because you genuinely love him. You love him so much that you can overlook his flaws and appreciate his personality, and won’t want to be with anybody else.


Scared to Be Alone

No one likes to be alone. So we sometimes find ourselves in relationships because it's better than being single. And instead of going through the trouble of dating endlessly, we return to our exes. I mean, so long as I’m not single, is he really that bad?


Your Better Half

Somewhere in your heart, you know he's it. He understands you in a way no other person could and when you really think about it, he makes you happy. Sure he's not perfect, but who is? He sees you for who you are and doesn’t shy away from you. He's calm when you’re angry, a problem-solver when you’re stumped, gracious when you’re greedy, and kind when you’re not. He is the ying to your yang and you know it.


Because You're Hoping This Time Will Be Different

You hope things have changed. The fact that he reached out to you this time and you didn’t reach out first is proof that he is improving. So if you can see he's made progress, then maybe this go ‘round won’t be so bad. Hell, maybe this time you’ll get it right and there won’t be a need to break up. Things will be better and you’ll be happier. This time will be different. At least, you hope so.

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