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Why Strong Independent Women Find It Hard to Fall in Love ...

By Sici

Ever wondered why strong independent women find it hard to fall in love? All together now! In the words of our saviours, Destiny’s Child, all you women who independent, throw your hand up at me! That’s right, gone are the days when a woman needed the safety and security of a husband to be able to enjoy herself in the world. It’s 2018 and we are more free now than we ever have been, even if the current political climate sometimes doesn’t like to think so! However, just because you are a strong, independent woman, then doesn’t mean that you don’t want a man. It just means that you don’t need him to be able to live, right? The sad truth is that some men are put off by the ‘independent type’, and to go with this, you might even be unaware about certain vibes that you are giving off. Here are few reasons why strong independent women find it hard to fall in love.

1 Compromise

If you have been strong and independent for a long time, then you will be very set in your ways. To add a new dimension to your dynamic can be a tough decision to make, especially if your love interest has different ways of living than you do. The thing to remember here is that this person is going to be your lover, not your child. You can’t dictate their lives just as you don’t want them to dictate yours. Being unable to compromise is one of the reasons why strong independent women find it hard to fall in love.

2 Different Truths

An independent woman with strong opinions will often believe that she is right in most situations, but the fact is that there are plenty of situations and circumstances that don’t provide any ‘correct’ answers at all. Your love interest might see something completely different from you, and that is kind of the beauty of human nature, not something to be turned off by.

3 High Standards

When you live your life by Beyoncé lyrics, you might find that your standards get higher and higher with each feminist anthem! High standards are a great thing to have. They make sure that you don’t settle for less than you deserve, but a problem can arise when your standards are so high that no mere man can reach them. This is a sure fire way to set yourself up for spinsterhood.

4 Freedom

Some independent women stay away from long-term relationships because they fear that there will be a natural restriction in their freedom, but this really isn’t the case. Any partner who you would choose to be with is going to respect your need to live your own life at the same time. It is this understanding and respect for each other than will make you compatible and attractive in the first place.

5 Tradition

Often, there will be an innate desire to buck tradition in any way that you can, prioritising your modern independence over coupling up and becoming just another loved-up couple with a terraced house, two kids, and a dog. It is up to you to create your own new traditions with a partner. Being in love does not mean that you have to conform to old social norms.

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