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10 Reasons Youre Single Even Though Youre Total GF Material ...

By Constance

Wondering why you are still single even though you would make a great girlfriend?

Single life is great and exciting. You love all the fun that comes with living your life to please yourself and nobody else. It’s nice when almost all your friends are also single, but what happens when they all get hooked up. It is no longer fun when you are the only one who has no boyfriend, right? It’s even more frustrating when you know you are a great catch but it is just too difficult to get that great boyfriend. We found out the hard facts. Here is why you are still single even though you would make a great girlfriend.

Table of contents:

  1. Your standards are way too high
  2. You are still hung up on your ex
  3. You do not take care yourself
  4. You are enjoying your single life
  5. You are too busy for a man
  6. Men are intimidated
  7. You have a vibrant social life and that distracts you from romance
  8. You do not allow yourself to be loved
  9. You come across as a desperate person
  10. Be you

1 Your Standards Are Way Too High

Dear girlfriend, if you have this dreamy idea of a perfect boyfriend, then I think it would be great to rewrite your checklist. If you are thinking of meeting a hot, cute, and caring guy who earns a six-figure income, you are probably walking in Neverland. Such guys do exist, but it would be safe to pretend they don’t. There are great guys out there but there is really no guy who can ever fit into the word ‘perfect’. High expectations are one of the biggest reasons why you are still single even though you would make a great girlfriend.

2 You Are Still Hung up on Your Ex

So, you went through this tough break up. You are, however, still in love with your ex and you have placed every other guy in the friend zone. You do not think you can have any romantic relationship with anyone else but your ex. There is no way you can move out of the single zone if you are in this state. You have two options, you either try to get back with your ex (that is if that is possible) or you move on.

3 You do Not Take Care Yourself

Men are visual, they are attracted to what they can see. If you do not put effort into your appearance, you would be the last person to get a man among your peers. They do not care about the brands you wear. They care about how tidy your hair is, how nice your clothes are, and your overall appearance. They want ladies they can easily introduce to their friends. Do not get me wrong, it is not about the excessive makeup or the sophisticated hairstyles. You should just make sure you always look presentable before stepping out.

4 You Are Enjoying Your Single Life

This could be the reason why you are still single and you might not even realize it. You just do not see yourself explaining every single move you make to someone else. You cannot afford to throw all the single and free-living out of the window. You want to be able to flirt with anyone or go out on a whim. If this sounds like you, then you are definitely not ready to be in a relationship. You are probably pushing guys away without even knowing it because of this. It helps to work on this before trying to settle for a relationship.

5 You Are Too Busy for a Man

You are living the high life, chasing your dream career. You do not even have the time to respond to a sweet "Hi, Girl." When he realizes that you are too busy for him, he will find someone who will make time for him. If you want to move out of the single zone, make sure you can make time for a relationship.

6 Men Are Intimidated

Well, if they are intimidated by your confidence or status, that cannot be helped. They are probably not right for you. You cannot change yourself to suit or feed their egos. Go, girl, continue to work hard. There is definitely someone out there who would match your status. However, it would help if you do not exaggerate about what you have or who you are.

7 You Have a Vibrant Social Life and That Distracts You from Romance

Your friends are calling on you for numerous parties and hangouts. You cannot even keep up with your social commitments. There is already lots of laughter in your life. The love you get from your friends already overwhelms you. You are too tired after your social commitments and you do not even realize that you are returning to a cold empty bed. This is great and healthy and you can only get into a relationship when you really feel the need for one.

8 You do Not Allow Yourself to Be Loved

You cannot trust a man enough to date him when you are negative about men. You feel every man is up to something shady whenever they are nice to you. This makes you start shooting lasers whenever they compliment you. A man would not waste a lot of time trying to convince you that he is for real. Sometimes, you need to relax and accept the compliments.

9 You Come across as a Desperate Person

Everyone becomes desperate when they really want something. It’s natural that you become desperate when you have stayed single for far too long. Just do not let it show. Try to play a little hard to get. Do not be all over men when they try to make a connection. That is a red flag and it would scare them off.

10 Be You

Men do not want ladies who try too hard to be someone they are not. You might be good at acting and it might work for you during the initial stages. They will eventually get to know the real you no matter how hard you try to be different. Just do whatever you want and live your life comfortably. You never know, he might fall for your simple self rather than the sophisticated person you pretend to be.

You still have something else to share about this? We would love to hear from you. Until next time, it’s Xoxo. Enjoy.

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