Great Reasons to Have a Hobby That Doesn't Involve Your Partner ...

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Great Reasons to Have a Hobby That Doesn't Involve Your Partner ...

Wondering why you should have a hobby that doesn't involve your partner? When you are in a relationship, it makes perfect sense that you and your partner will share a lot of interests, and therefore end up doing lots of activities together. Obviously, this is great, and it shows that the two of you have a strong bond that is only made stronger by the multiple things that you love to do together. However, we think that it is also important for both you and your partner to retain an air of independence, not only in your social lives but also in your personal interests. It is healthy not only to share interests, but also to have ones that you don’t necessarily share the same passion for, and these separate interests should not be ignored for the sake of the relationship. Here are some reasons why you should have a hobby that doesn't involve your partner. Here's why you should have a hobby that doesn't involve your partner.

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Takes Pressure off

musician, performance, singer, singing, entertainment, One of the most important reasons why you should have a hobby that doesn't involve your partner is that is releases some pressure. Having a separate hobby means that you can go somewhere to enjoy a passion, without the pressure of having to compete with your partner, or make sure that your partner is on the same page as you. It also takes the pressure off in terms of one of you having to learn terms and facts about something that you aren’t particularly interested in!


Self Expression

eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, nose, chin, Being able to have a hobby that is all your own is a great way to preserve your self expression, and make sure that you still remain an individual in your relationship. A chance to be yourself without having to factor in your partner.


Conversation Starter

human hair color, nose, blond, chin, cheek, Having separate hobbies gives you something to talk about over dinner, because otherwise, if you do absolutely everything together, you will never have anything interesting to say that the other person doesn’t already know!


Socialise with Others

face, photograph, person, facial expression, black and white, It will give you an opportunity to get out of your little love bubble and socialise with other people. This is something that gets rarer and rarer once you leave education, and you should always be striving to make new friends!


New Experiences

performance, performing arts, entertainment, dancer, event, Taking up new, separate hobbies opens both of you up to new experiences that you can then share with each other in a really passionate and positive way. It might even give you the motivation to think of more activities you can do together.

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More Interesting

smile, girl, black hair, long hair, socialite, You will instantly become more interesting to your partner if you have a separate hobby, because there will be an element of your personality that is something of a mystery to them. They will be excited to hear about it without necessarily having to join in.


Healthy Time Apart

face, eyebrow, human hair color, chin, nose, It isn’t healthy to spend every waking moment with your partner. Having different hobbies with different commitment ensures that you do definitely spend some time apart. This is good not only for the relationship but for your social lives in a wider sense.


Me Time

skin, woman, human hair color, beauty, room, Your hobby might be a solitary one rather than a group one, and that’s totally fine too. It can be healthy to have some time to yourself, some me time to really wind down and spend some quality hours without your partner, doing something that you really love.

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