7 Wrong Reasons to Want a Relationship ...

By Konstantina

7 Wrong Reasons to Want a Relationship ...

Wondering about the wrong reasons to want to be in a relationship? Love… We all crave it… We all want it… We are all looking around for the perfect person to drive with us to the sunset and…Okay, maybe I’m reading too many romance novels lately. The point is, people are social beings. Men and women form relationships because they want someone by their sides. But do we always go for it for the right reasons? Here are some of the wrong reasons to want to be in a relationship.

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You Are Tired of Being Alone

This is one of the wrong reasons to want to be in a relationship. People will form relationships because they are just tired of being alone and because they actually want to start one. They do it because they want to have someone to call and someone to talk to. Someone with whom they share a more intimate relationship with than their friends.


You Want Someone to Take Care of You

You are a strong individual; you know that, the people around you know that, your family knows that. But there are moments in our lives when we simply want to be held by someone who is emotionally stronger at the moment.


You Don’t Want to Be the Third Wheel

You’re getting all excited at the prospect of going out and having fun with your friends but when you get to the bar or the restaurant or wherever it is you are going, you are mortified to find out that everyone is coupled up. And you end up being the third wheel, or the fifth, or the seventh. Not a good situation.


You Want Company

Sometimes you just want someone to hang out with and all your friends are busy. And then comes the longing. And the question of why aren’t you busy tonight. And if you were in a relationship maybe you would be busy tonight. And then you want to start a relationship so you will have another person to call when all your friends are busy.


You Just Met Someone

People will form relationships just because they met someone who is “nice”. And they will just settle for that. Not because they get this love-on-the-first-sight feeling, but just because the person they met is “okay”. Their looks are okay, their personality is okay. Don’t settle for “okay”. Settle for nothing less than awesome.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

You Feel Pressured by the People around You to do so

Sometimes society and the people around you can cloud your judgment when it comes to relationships. Don’t let people affect you for that. You should form a relationship when you want to form one and not when other people tell you to.


You’re in Love with Being in Love

Who doesn’t love this feeling? Everything around you seems bright, everyone seems happy and you are leaving in a pink cloud. But do you want to start a relationship because you are in love with the person or with the idea of being in love and you don’t really care with whom you are going to get this feeling?

Being in a committed loving relationship is great. And sometimes even a relationship that starts for the wrong reasons can be successful and you get your happily ever after. But sometimes getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons might raise the possibilities of you getting hurt. So before you enter a relationship take a moment and think if you are actually doing it because you really want it or because of some other reason. Have you ever started a relationship for the wrong reasons? And how did it go? Were you one of the exceptions that got their happily ever after?

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