Why You Fall in Love with the Wrong People According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Why You Fall in Love with the Wrong People According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Why You Fall in Love with the Wrong People According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Want to know why you fall in love with the wrong people according to your zodiac sign? The game of love is one of the hardest games in the world to play, and one of the main reasons for this is that more often than not, we tend to pick the wrong person to try to play it with! Falling for the wrong person is a tale as old as time, one that we have all experienced and one that takes up the majority of TV, film and music out there! However, have you ever thought that your unlucky dabbling with love might be down to astrology? Here is the reason why you fall in love with the wrong people according to your zodiac sign.

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You assume that you should be dating someone who is just as lively and adventurous as you, but really you would be better off with someone who can help balance the energy.



You let your stubbornness get in the way of your gut. You tend to ignore red flags and try to make things work, even though you should have already left the situation.



You are scared of revealing too much of your real self to a partner, which means that you always end up with someone who is more superficial than you really need.



You are a natural caregiver, which can be bad in a romantic sense because you find yourself in relationships with people who need to be fixed.



You are a natural born leader, which is great but it also means that you tend to go for partners who are automatic ‘yes men’ for you. Sometimes you need someone to challenge you a little more.



You overthink things to the point of ruining them, and that counts for relationships too. You fall for passive people, but then your mind runs wild when their lack of fire makes you think about problems.



You are naturally charming, but that can also lean toward self-indulgence at times. You like to go for guys who are kind of over enamoured with you, which gives you the chance to accentuate all of your flaws without being picked up on.



You are used to getting our way, which leads you to dating a lot of overly passive partners. This is fine until you want them to start taking some responsibility and control in the relationship and they can’t.



Your natural lightness tends to attract fellow lightness, but if your relationship is too bubbly and light-hearted, it never has the potential to get serious.



You are super independent and like to be in a relationship with the same kind of person, the only problem being that with two such independent people, things can tend to progress at a snail’s pace!



You have a very strong self-preservation instinct, which can result in not letting anyone past the superficial, early dating stages. You don’t want to fall for a guy who doesn’t try to get past that hard shell.



Your natural tendency to give and not want to receive anything in return can be great for friendship favours, but not in a relationship. You attract people who are looking to take advantage of that quality, hoping to get a nice and easy relationship where they don’t have to put much effort in.

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