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The Thing You Need to Overcome to Find Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Want to know the thing you need to overcome to find love according to your own zodiac sign? For the majority of people out there, looking for love is one of the main concerns that you tend to preoccupy yourself with over the course of your adult life. There are some very lucky people out there who manage to hit the jackpot the first time around, but for others, the process of finding true love has just as much to do with themselves as it is a potential life partner. Here is the thing you need to overcome to find love according to your own zodiac sign.

1 Taurus

You are a total control freak, so the thing that you need to overcome is the prospect of giving yourself to a relationship that is 50/50 rather than something like 70/30!

2 Gemini

You are famous for not being able to make your mind up, and this air of uncertainty is always the thing that holds you back from committing to a relationship. Overcome this to find true love.

3 Cancer

You have a constant need for affection, which can sometimes translate as being high maintenance, so in order to attract that true love, you need to put a leash on your over yearning tendencies.

4 Leo

Just like the lion, you are a force to be reckoned with, but your combative and challenging nature isn’t always the best fit for attracting a long-lasting partner. Try to overcome your desire to always be right and you might have more success.

5 Virgo

You like to work on a very strict schedule in life, but if you want to find a real and unexpected love, you need to try to loosen up and embrace a little flexibility.

6 Libra

You are so afraid of conflict that you tend to back out of a tricky or hard situation before it has had the chance to develop. All relationships take work, so you need to overcome your fear of confrontation in order to find love.

7 Scorpio

You are a naturally jealous person, and your jealous tendencies have the power to drive a potentially perfect partner away. Overcome these feelings and get a handle on them in order to find true love.

8 Sagittarius

You have a tendency to treat everything in life like a joke, but you need to overcome this and adopt a more serious attitude to romance if you are ever going to find someone that you can really settle down with.

9 Capricorn

You are someone who only likes to do things your own way. You can be pretty dismissive of other people’s ideas and plans, but you should try to adopt a better sense of awareness and trust in other people like you trust yourself.

10 Aquarius

You are fiercely independent and intrinsically scared that falling in love will dampen some of that free spirit, but what you need to overcome is this overall attitude because all you need to do is find someone equally as free-spirited who wouldn’t dream of clipping your wings.

11 Pisces

You tend to be overly shy, sometimes to a crippling and detrimental degree. This is certainly something that you need to overcome to find true love because it is something that definitely takes a few leaps of faith along the way.

12 Aries

You are fierce and independent, but you also need to allow yourself to be vulnerable to find that one person who wants to become a much more serious part of your life.

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