Wish Your Crush Would Talk to You?


There's nothing you can do to "guarantee" your crush will approach you and possibly ask you out. But you can do little things here and there to make yourself more attractive and approachable. Nobody wants to approach someone who's standoffish. So if it appears that you don't want to be bothered, you might miss out on the love of your life. No worries โ€“ there are seven secrets to seeming more approachable.

1. Make Sure You Dress and Look Nice

I don't mean to sound superficial, but if you're appealing to the eyes, your crush is more likely to approach you. The truth is, many people judge by the first impression. So if you pay attention to the way you dress, your hair and of course, your hygiene, it'll be easier to attract his attention.

Learn How to Maintain Good Eye Contact


So I like this guy but I've only talked to him once and he knows my name and we're friends in FB but I think I have a chance with him but he thing is the one time I talked to him he said he was switch...
Kaleolani Kapololu
So I've never had a boyfriend in a long time and my crush never in his life had a girlfriend & i had a crush on him for awhile now and he knows that I like him so I asked him to prom and he said yes s...
What does it mean when you walk in somewhere and your "crush" is already staring at you. And everytime we would make eye contact he would smile! Is that good ?
Your welcome
Thanks Maryam!!!
Kendall just forget that u like him n act like he doesn't know that u like him
I could talk to guys easier but this one guy he likes me n he have a gf but he doesn't want to leave her
Eye contact always works :)
Or be yourself and talk then first.
How do can you talk to your crush without acting stupid?
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