7 Worst Types of Relationships That Are Best Avoided ...

By Heather

With all of the different relationships out there, do you know what relationships that are best avoided? Relationships are precious in most cases, but there are also relationships that are best avoided out there too. For example, you don't want to be in a relationship that is all take and no give, nor do you want to be in a relationship that is full of cheating or just too comfortable. Take a look at my list of relationships that you should never be in and see if your relationship happens to fall into it!

Table of contents:

  1. the take, take, take relationship
  2. the on and off again
  3. player couples
  4. clingy couples
  5. too much drama
  6. the dominating relationship
  7. the 'comfortable' relationship

1 The Take, Take, Take Relationship

The very first relationships that are best avoided is the take, take, take relationship. This relationship is full of nothing but taking! Either your partner is constantly taking from you or you are constantly taking from your partner. It's a relationship that is not about giving at all, which is not good for anyone. This is a relationship that you need to get out of as soon as you can, otherwise you could lose yourself completely!

2 The on and off Again

The on again and off again relationship is one of those that is really hard to be in, because you never, ever know where you stand in this type of relationship. If you are in an on again, off again relationship, get off the carousal and really see if you can figure out if your boyfriend or girlfriend can commit to you completely.

3 Player Couples

Ah, this has to be one of the worst types of relationships out there, as it is full of cheating. Believe it or not, there are a lot of couples out there that cheat on each other – but are still in a relationship with one another. Why? Well, it's unclear, but they have gotten really sneaky at hiding the fact that they are cheating on each other really well.

4 Clingy Couples

These are the couples that can't get enough of each other, that have to do everything together and they almost come as a pair, instead of individual people. They hardly ever use the term 'I' and instead, it's all about the 'we'. This is the type of relationship that could be happy, but there really is no independence in their relationship at all, which can be damaging if they do happen to break up.

5 Too Much Drama

Oh, the drama in this type of relationship. This is a relationship that you just wish that they would break up, because they fight about every single thing, no matter what it is. They also don't care who is there, because why would they? It's their relationship and you are just living near it.

6 The Dominating Relationship

This relationship is all about who is the most dominating and who is the most controlling. It's a power-struggle relationship, where both of the people are really trying to figure out who has the most power and who is going to tell the other person what to do. It's a tough relationship to be in – all of the time.

7 The 'Comfortable' Relationship

Finally, this is a relationship that a ton of people fall right into. It's a relationship that is built around comfort, not necessarily love or need. It's a relationship that isn't necessarily bad, but it's just contentment and settling and who wants that? Don't you want a relationship that is packed full of love and want?

So, there you have it guys and girls, my top 7 relationships that you should absolutely avoid if you can. Do you have any more that you can share? Any that you've slipped into? Give it up!

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