The Types of Romantic Heroes You'll Meet ...


The Types of Romantic Heroes You'll Meet ...
The Types of Romantic Heroes You'll Meet ...

I’m sure you all dream of a romantic hero – maybe you met him and are with him now. Good girl! Romantic heroes come in many guises – let’s ponder on them:

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The Homebody

While the homebody may seem less like the romantic hero and more like the dull yawn you just want to ditch, give this one a chance. He’s a hero because when it’s time to do the right thing, he’s right there doing it - from saving a family from a burning building to retrieving a kitten from a tree-but shunning the attention that comes with such acts. And, he does his own laundry and knows his way around a kitchen, and will hold you tight as you’re nibbling on popcorn in front of the TV. Other girls can have their bad boy; you can feel safe and secure waking up next to this hidden gem.


The homebody is a type of romantic hero that may not fit the traditional stereotype, but has many admirable qualities. This type of hero is often overlooked for their quiet and unassuming nature, but they possess a strong sense of responsibility and are always ready to do the right thing. They are not afraid to take action when needed, whether it's saving someone from danger or simply taking care of household chores. Their domestic skills and ability to provide a sense of security make them a hidden gem in the dating world. They may not be the flashy bad boy, but the homebody is a reliable and loyal partner who will make you feel safe and loved.


The Undercover Moneybags

He drives the same car he did 7 years ago, and he lives in a humble abode. He grows a garden and wears flannel and blue jeans. You’d never know it, but he’s loaded. Maybe he made some good investments or acts as a high paid consultant. But he’d actually prefer your mother’s pot roast to a fancy dinner because he appreciates the comfort that goes along with it. It’s not that he doesn’t buy things, it’s just the things he buys are high quality and unique - he prefers quality to quantity. He will view you as a treasure as well, and take good care of your needs, as long as you don’t get greedy.


The Bad Boy

Okay, you know he had to appear on this list somewhere. There are some women who just need this hero in their lives - because if he can be a “hero” he can’t be all bad. He follows his own rules, he’s mysterious, and he’s hard to get. Not only do women like the challenge of taming these bad boys, but they like discovering the mystery of why he became a bad boy in the first place. Why do we want to wake up next to them every morning? Because they keep life exciting, and under the right circumstances, bad boys can become knights in shining armor.


The bad boy is a popular romantic hero that often appears in books, movies, and TV shows. This type of hero is known for his rebellious and unpredictable nature, making him a challenge for women to tame. However, what makes the bad boy so intriguing is the underlying mystery behind his behavior. Women are drawn to the idea of uncovering the reasons behind his rough exterior and potentially being the one to change him. Although they may seem tough and unapproachable, bad boys often have a soft side that they only reveal to those they care about. Despite their flaws, they can become the perfect knight in shining armor for the right person.


The Shy Nerd

In romance novels he’s called a beta hero, someone you wouldn’t expect to be attracted to. He’s socially awkward, he’s usually sweet and kind, and he blushes when your conversation spills into the risqué. He’s smart and he appreciates your intelligence. He’ll know a lot about many things, so you’ll always have conversation starters. These romantic heroes sneak up on you, and you may even dismiss them as potential lovers at first. Once you start realizing there’s a diamond under that sweater vest, you can’t wait to teach the joys of life to an eager learner.


The shy nerd is a popular trope in romance novels, often referred to as the beta hero. This type of romantic hero is characterized by their social awkwardness, kindness, and intelligence. They may initially be dismissed as potential lovers, but as their hidden depths are revealed, they become irresistible. These characters are often portrayed as having a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn, making them great conversation partners. The shy nerd is a refreshing change from the typical alpha male hero and offers a unique perspective on love and relationships.


Your Best Friend

You may phone him in the middle of the night to tell him how your date went, or cry on his shoulder when something goes wrong. You go to movies together, eat at each other’s houses, and like the same music. But for some reason, you’ve never considered him romance material. He’s typically not assertive, but may one day work up the nerve to propose taking the relationship to a higher level. The reason you want to wake up next to him? Well, it’s already obvious you get along. He sees you as an equal and that won’t change once you get him under the covers. Say yes.


In this article, "The Types of Romantic Heroes You'll Meet," published on a women-focused blog in the love category, the author discusses different types of romantic partners one may encounter in their life. The paragraph about the "Best Friend" type describes a platonic relationship that may potentially turn into a romantic one. This type of hero is typically not assertive, but values the friendship and sees the person as an equal. The article suggests that if this type of hero expresses interest in taking the relationship to a higher level, it may be worth considering saying yes due to the strong foundation of friendship already established.


The Paranormal Hero

There’s a reason why there are so many successful movies and books featuring heroes who aren’t quite human. Vampires, superheroes, and even aliens fill our imaginations with fear and excitement. When Lois Lane finally gets her Superman, we are plunged into a love story where sex takes on an entirely new dimension. A playful nibble on the neck from a vampire could change your whole world, aliens could have unexpected appendages, and demons might try to steal your soul. But surrendering to your darker nature feels so delicious. Why do you want to wake up to him? Because he’s a novelty among men!



The concept of the paranormal hero has been a popular theme in literature and media for decades. From vampires to superheroes, these characters capture our attention and imagination with their supernatural abilities and alluring personalities. In the romance genre, these heroes offer a thrilling escape from reality and the chance to explore forbidden desires. Their non-human traits add an element of danger and excitement to the love story, creating a unique and captivating dynamic. This trend has been successful in captivating a primarily female audience, as it allows them to explore their fantasies and indulge in the idea of being swept away by a supernatural being.


The Warrior

The warrior hero may come on a number of disguises, but he’ll always be a bodyguard underneath it all. Protecting his love from harm is his topmost priority. He will likely be in the military or law enforcement; however he may also be a reluctant hero who feels he has to protect his home and loved ones against an outside threat. You want to wake up next to this man because you’re the only one who can conquer him, and you’ll always wake up feeling protected and secure.


The warrior hero is a common archetype in romantic literature and films. He is often portrayed as a strong, brave, and protective figure, willing to sacrifice everything for the safety and well-being of his loved ones. This hero may come from a military or law enforcement background, but can also be a regular civilian who takes on the role of protector out of necessity. His love interest is often drawn to his strength and determination, and feels safe and secure in his presence. The warrior hero is a symbol of courage and loyalty, making him an appealing romantic figure for many women.


The Lost Soul

This poor, brooding, tortured guy is the fatalistic sort so if you’ve come into his life he’ll probably think you’re going to try to harm his fragile ego. He’s probably a loner by choice, and you’ll kind of feel sorry for him because he actually is quite vulnerable. While other people love to torment him, you can be the one that is allowed into his world to convince him things aren’t so bad. Once he opens up to you, you’ll have his whole heart.


The Lost Soul is a common romantic hero found in literature and media. This type of character is often portrayed as brooding, tortured, and fatalistic, with a fragile ego and a tendency to isolate themselves from others. They are often misunderstood and have a vulnerable side that only a select few can see. Despite their troubled past, they have a deep capacity for love and are looking for someone to understand and accept them. The Lost Soul is a popular character in romance stories, as they allow for a powerful emotional connection and growth between the hero and their love interest.


The Professor

This logical, introverted, seemingly unemotional guy might not even seem attractive at first because he is so stoic. But take a second look. He thinks his way out of a bad situation instead of using brute force. He analyzes all the facts of any situation-especially if the heroine is in a predicament. While this man may seem emotionless, he is anything but - he has plenty of very genuine feelings but he feels no need to display them for everyone to see. Why is he a catch? He is honest, faithful, and respects your intelligence.


The Professor is a type of romantic hero often seen in books and movies. He is portrayed as logical, introverted, and unemotional, which may not seem attractive at first. However, upon closer inspection, he is a catch for many reasons. He is able to think his way out of difficult situations, rather than resorting to violence. He is also known for his analytical skills, especially when it comes to helping the heroine in a tough spot. Despite his seemingly emotionless demeanor, he is actually a very genuine person with strong feelings. What makes him desirable is his honesty, loyalty, and respect for the intelligence of his partner. These traits make him a great catch for anyone seeking a stable and trustworthy romantic partner.


The Free Spirit

This guy can’t easily be caught, and you don’t really want to catch him anyway. He’s charming, funny, and witty and his life seems like a never-ending fiesta. You’ll never quite capture him, but that’s okay because you’ll have a lot of fun until he moseys on. Waking up next to him can be quite the adventure, which may find you in a different place every time or maybe even a different continent. Enjoy the excitement!

Which kind of romantic hero gets your heart a-fluttering?

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