You're Not Picky πŸ™„ for Wanting These 17 Things in a Relationship πŸ’ ...


Some women are told that they're too picky, even though they're just looking for a decent man. However, you should never lower your standards. After all, you're not picky for wanting these things in a relationship:

1. Someone Who Listens

Someone Who Listens

You're not boring, so your man shouldn't think that you are. He should enjoy listening to what you have to say.

Someone Who Likes You for More than Sex


Kranti Kanade
If we can not love ourselves unconditionally then how can we expect someone else to do that for us.
Kranti Kanade
What a human needs is an unconditional mother loves us. It’s always nice to have someone else (irrespective of age or gender of the person) to love you unconditionally but it’s necessary that we love ourselves unconditionally.
Yep! I think its evryones right
That's how love was back then, nowadays it's really turn in a different path. really great article !
Not sure !
Camille Rimaz
Love can't be equal! Never... When a couple love each other, there's always one whose love is a bit less or a bit much..
But nowadays seems so hard to find those qualities en men. Evetything is so disposable! :( dont know up to what point we have to let pass some of them. :(
Lol r u kidding me? These are obvious basic qualities that needs to be mutual in a relationship to even be possible in the first place
I just don't agree with #7. Not forgetting a special date and buying presents are two different things. And part of being understanding of one another implies in knowing that gifts, even small ones, a...
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