7 Awesome Reasons to Flirt ...


For some reason, people think being a flirt is bad, but there are so many good reasons to flirt.

I personally love flirting, and while some people may judge me for that, I don’t really care.

I think it is a fun and carefree way to interact with people.

So despite what popular belief says, here are my top reasons to flirt.

1. Confidence Boost

Among the many reasons to flirt, my top one is that overwhelming confidence boost you get when flirting with a cute new guy at a party.

There is nothing better than feeling like you are on top of the world while talking to a cute guy.2

Even if you are not attracted to the guy you are talking to, knowing that he is responding to your flirting is a major boost of the ego.

And when you are more confident, guys will be even more receptive to your flirting, which creates a wonderful cycle of confidence.

2. Makes You More Outgoing

If you are used to going up to a guy and striking up a conversation, you will become more outgoing and comfortable talking to new people.

Going up and talking to a new person will become second nature to you.

You will have no problem being around people you don’t know, and you will always have something to say to a stranger.

3. It Gives You a Rush

When you are flirting, there are so many things that can happen.2

You can be asked to dance, be asked out on a date, or maybe just make a new friend.

A great reason to flirt is because you don’t know the outcome of the conversation.

When you flirt, you have to react to what the other person says, which can bring you a fun new rush of excitement and keep you on your toes.

There is No Commitment
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