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5 Great Ways to Feel Less Awkward when Flirting ...

By Sici

Do you often look at your friends or random people in bars that are able to talk to guys effortlessly and think, wow, how the hell do you do that? If you are a shy person or someone who isn’t comfortable expressing yourself sexually, then the idea of flirting can be something that fills you with fear and anxiety! It’s not that you don’t want to enjoy the company of a nice gentleman, it’s just that you don’t know how to make that early talking phase feel natural and comfortable! Don’t worry, this might be able to help! Here are some ways to feel less awkward when flirting.

1 Smile

Try to hide any anxiety on your face by simply smiling. Smile as often as you can, and you will get in to the zone of faking it till you make it! Smiling at the person you are talking to will put them at ease and make them feel welcome, which in turn will have a calming effect on you. Even if you are lost for words, you can still manage a smile!

2 Eye Contact

Try to maintain good eye contact with the person, because having good eye contact means that you have an immediate connection without having to do a lot of the nonsense small talk that flirting usually requires. Be as engaging as you can be by keeping your eyes on your date, it shows that you are truly interested in them.

3 Ask Questions

If you are scared of producing any dead air and awkward silences, just come prepared with a list of questions that you can fire off whenever you can sense a lull in the conversation. It can help to ease you in to a situation if you can ask them a question and then get comfortable with your setting as you listen to them speak.

4 Light Touching

You can do a lot of unspoken communication by engaging in light touching ... little things like a brush of the arm when talking, holding an elbow when asking a question, hanging in that hug for just a second longer than you usually would. This kind of touching does a lot of implying without you having to be awkward and come and say that you are super interested!

5 Dress to Impress

If you turn up looking like a million dollars, your crush won’t even care what you are saying anyway! It’s amazing how a confident looking aesthetic can disguise a potentially awkward dating game, so get dressed up to the nines and your style and look will do a lot of your talking for you!

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