7 Types of Flirting Men You'll Come across ...

There are plenty of different types of flirting men that youโ€™ll meet throughout life. Everyone uses different strategies when it comes to trying to impress a crush. Some people take a more direct approach while others beat around the bush. The next time someone hits on you, you can decipher what types of flirting men you prefer.

1. Compliment Fest

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Your eyes always look beautiful and jokes are always hysterical, according to this guy. He compliments everything you do, no matter how trivial. One of the types of flirting men youโ€™ll meet is the guy who wonโ€™t stop telling you how gorgeous you look. He makes it clear that heโ€™s into you by constantly throwing compliments at you It sounds like a good thing, but it can get old fast if his compliments start sounding insincere.

2. He's Hysterical

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Every girl loves a good sense of humor. This type of guy jokes about everything in order to impress you. Heโ€™s never serious and always aims to get a laugh. Heโ€™ll do impressions, make bad puns, and try his hardest to get you to smile. Heโ€™s not happy unless heโ€™s making someone else happy.

3. Direct Dude

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This guy has no problem with asking you out. Heโ€™ll let you know that heโ€™s interested right away and invite you to dinner. Youโ€™ll either quickly start a relationship or turn him down and never see him again. If heโ€™s persistent, then heโ€™ll keep asking you out, no matter how many times you say no. Some view his dedication as romantic, some view it as a bother.

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He clams up whenever he speaks to you or stumbles over his words. You might catch him blushing or looking away after you make eye contact. He wants to impress you, but you make him nervous. He might do little things to try to get your attention or he might completely ignore you. It doesnโ€™t mean he doesnโ€™t like you--it means just the opposite!

5. Overly Sexual

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Everyone knows a man like this. Heโ€™ll turn any situation into something sexual. You have to watch what you say so that he doesnโ€™t twist your words. He has the potential to make you feel immensely uncomfortable. The things he says are way too inappropriate.

6. Mean Men

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This guy will insult his way into your heart. Heโ€™ll try to hide the fact that he likes you by being rude to you. Of course, itโ€™s only an act, so the things he says arenโ€™t genuinely mean. He just teases you and makes fun of your little habits. When you like him back, it can be fun to playfully insult him to see how he handles it.

7. Touchy Feely

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He takes every chance he can get to touch you. Heโ€™ll tap your arm when telling you a story or sit with your arms pressed against each other. Heโ€™ll stand close to you during conversations and speak low so you have to lean in closer. This guy shows his affection physically, so he feels the need to touch you in some way. He might not even notice what heโ€™s doing. When we flirt, we do whatever feels natural.

Everyone has their own, individual way of flirting. What is your favorite way to be flirted with? How would you want a guy to treat you?

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