7 Ways Girls Flirt That Men Don't Notice ...


7 Ways Girls Flirt That Men Don't Notice ...
7 Ways Girls Flirt That Men Don't Notice ...

Flirting is an art and there are so many ways girls flirt that men don't notice. Some girls are very good at it and others, well, suck. There is obvious flirting and subtle flirting. The whole purpose of flirting is to get noticed. So, men being men, might not notice if you are being too subtle. There’s little point in flirting if it’s wasted on your target. These are common ways girls flirt that, unluckily, men often fail to notice, along with alternative ways to get his attention. Once you know the ways girls flirt that men don't notice, you can try something that will work instead.

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Crossing and Uncrossing Your Legs

leg, shoulder, fashion model, muscle, fashion, Okay, I’m not talking about the Sharon Stone, "Basic Instinct" kind of leg crossing here, but just a simple change of position that might invite a wandering eye to focus on some of your best assets! If you’re wearing a killer dress and amazing pair of heels, and your legs have never looked better, you try to draw some attention to them by perfecting a sexy, subtle leg cross that will have any red-blooded guy chomping at the bit without him even knowing it! Except he doesn’t notice! This is one of the biggest ways girls flirt that men don't notice.

Alternative: Make some light physical contact. Touch his shoulder or arm during a conversation. Do not grab his thigh!


Playing with Your Hair

girl, black hair, long hair, brown hair, This is a really common flirting technique that comes naturally to most women with long hair. It works both ways, in the sense that it can help to stop you from fidgeting with anything else, and it can look really sexy to a guy who is trying to impress you. Remember those scenes with the guys (and Phoebe) and Denise Richards in "Friends?" Even better, if you happen to be around a pool or the ocean, there is nothing better than a classic movie hair flip to send him wild! Or so you think.

Alternative: Wear your best hairstyle so he can’t but help notice how gorgeous your hair looks. It’s shiny and soft and just begging him to touch it.


Constant Freshening up

eyebrow, lip, beauty, chin, cheek, This is something lots of girls do that might seem like something else to a clueless guy! In your mind, you are being really sly and running to the restroom every 20 minutes or so for a quick lipstick top up and hair check, but to a guy who doesn’t know what’s going on inside your head, it could well seem like you are having to run to the toilet frequently, which isn’t really a turn on!

Alternative: Do your makeup perfectly before you go out so you don’t need to worry about touching up. Invest in a long-wear lipstick so you can focus on conversing with your date instead.



human hair color, blond, girl, long hair, brown hair, Winking has long been regarded as sign of flirting, but it is usually more associated with guys than with girls. Some guys might be taken aback that a girl winks at them so they write It off. Do it too often and he’ll probably assume you’re not winking but have a muscle twitch.

Alternative: Make plenty of eye contact when you are talking. Paying attention and listening intently is sexy.


Over Laughing

blond, human hair color, chin, lip, girl, We all know that guys love to have their egos massaged when they are out on a date, and one way that girls tend to do that is by laughing hysterically at every single joke they try to make. Don’t get me wrong, laughter is an important part of sparking a connection, but if you are just waiting for the silence in the conversation to erupt in to laughter, it’s going to start sounding fake!

Alternative: Smile often, but only laugh when what he has said is genuinely funny.


Facebook Flirting

girl, snapshot, black hair, mouth, long hair, Girls can be like James Bond level spies on Facebook, researching information and finding out about anybody they wish. Guys, however, don’t necessarily pay as much attention, so those strategic photo likes and comments that you planned out might not be making as much impact as you had hoped!

Alternative: If you see a guy you like on Facebook, look for mutual connections who can make an introduction.


Goodnight Text

black, photograph, black and white, person, darkness, Texting is an art when it comes to dating, and girls will sometimes sit and wait to make sure that they are the last person to send a goodnight text to their crush. Being the last person to interact with him before he goes to sleep is important to you, but he might not realise just how much! He might also think it’s a bit forward.

Alternative: Send him a polite text thanking him for the date. I think the next day is a good time because you’ve given him time to think about wanting to see you again. The text is a great prompt for him to reply with “I had a good time. Let’s meet again”.

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