17 Best Places for Spontaneous Sex That'll Get Your Heart Racing ...


Almost everyone has a secret bucket list of the best places for a spontaneous intimate experience they are looking to accomplish. Sometimes you want to liven up your love life, create a new memory, or just enjoy being a couple. Either way the following best places for spontaneous intimacy are just a few starter ideas to get you going. Make sure you have fun, be safe, and most importantly get your needs met!

1. Car


Lovemaking while driving is a very unsafe and law breaking act, so it's better to have your experience while parked in a safe yet remote place. This is one of the best options for spontaneous intimacy. Say, you're driving around and, all you want to do is rip the clothes off the person in your passenger seat, my first recommendation is to pull over on the side of the road and only then go at it. This exciting experience requires no shame about your desires. If you are really feeling adventurous go ahead and hop onto your man's lap in the driver seat.Or do it a-la-Titanic in the back seat,which, frankly,will be much more comfortable.



Also cafe
Kitchen chair or office chair
Just think if you were stuck in traffic and turned to the car next to you and saw two people "doing it"
Christy Jo
Under a bridge (pick a nice spot) mine had grass and a little sand by the water/in the backyard/in the woods/a pool
Whitney Arabie
On a trampoline
You should try pool or sea
While driving? Seriously?! Can someone please explain to me how this is even possible to have control of a car or even see?
Kate Whatley
Dressing room
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