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30 Huge Turn-ons for a Girl ...

By Heather

Turn-ons for girls can be anything from a simple touch‌ all the way to a run of a hand through our hair. Guys, if you are looking for a way to turn us on, don't worry! I've got the top turn-ons for girls that will help you figure out what your girl wants! Remember, a turn-on isn't hard to figure out, especially if you know what your girlfriend really likes!

1 Playing with Her Hair 👩

human action,person,mouth,romance,kiss, I love when my Better Half plays with my hair. It's absolutely one of the biggest turn-ons for me and I know that I'm not the only girl like that! If you're looking to turn your girlfriend on, run your fingers through her hair and see how she responds!

2 Light Touches 👫

human action,person,black and white,image,man, Light, soft, subtle little touches along her arm, her stomach, her legs – all of these are huge turn-ons for a girl! Not only do they arouse a girl, but when they are returned? I promise that you'll love 'em. So touch her a little more and see where it gets you!

3 Good Kissing 💏

human action,person,black,black and white,kiss, Finally, guys you gotta be a good kisser! A girl likes to make out and typically if you are getting down to business, it is because of making out. So keep your breath fresh and your lips kissable and I promise that you'll be fine!

4 Kissing on the Body 👄

human action,person,nose,kiss,finger, Neck, earlobe, behind the ear, back of the neck, these are huge turn-ons for us! We like when men take charge and really feel our skin beneath their lips.

5 A Refreshing Makeout Session 💋

human action,muscle,interaction, So, not only are light kisses something that a girl craves, but she also wants a makeout session, a little grinding, some tongue and some suckles on her lips. The deeper the kiss, the better!

6 PDA 💑

black and white,monochrome photography,interaction, Don't be scared to show your woman that she is yours in public. I'm not saying that you need to grab her butt or swing her around but kissing, light touches, holding her hand, these are all things that you'll want to do in public with her.

7 Take a Shower Together 🛀🏼

black,black and white,person,clothing,photography, This is actually a fantasy for some girls and it is a surefire way to turn her on. Touch her when she is slippery and wet or if you aren't into showers, take a bath together. Soap her up and shampoo her hair!

8 Massage Her a Bit ✋🏼

Freeform,person,sense,singing,interaction, Yes, I mentioned that touching her was a good start, however, a massage will get her in the mood. Start with her shoulders, then down her back and then move down her thighs.

9 Affection 💑

human action,black,black and white,white,person, You don't have to kiss her every five minutes, but you should show some sort of affection when you're with her. Hold her hand while you're sitting on the couch. Give her a peck when she walks past you. Do whatever you can to show her how much you care.

10 Open the Door for Her 👑

hair,face,photograph,nose,photography, Girls like to feel like they are the most important woman in the world. This means that if you are attentive to us, we'll be putty in your hands! We appreciate the little things like opening the door for us, both when going into places and also when we are heading into the car.

11 Talking 💏

human action,black and white,person,face,nose, This does not consist of 'how is the weather' or 'how was your day', really talk to us! We like to know what you're thinking about, what's on your mind and also what makes you tick. Talking about any and everything really is a huge turn on for us girls, I promise!

12 Active Listening 👂

black,white,black and white,photograph,footwear, Remember up there when I said that listening was one of the hugest turn-ons for a girl? Well, it's true! Really pay attention to your girlfriend guys! Repeat back what she says! Remember that necklace that she said she wanted two weeks ago. Trust me, she'll be impressed with how awesome your listening skills are!

13 Deep Connection 👫

black,black and white,monochrome photography,monochrome,mouth, By far, one of the biggest turn-ons for girls comes from the connection. A girl likes to know the guy that she is with inside and out. She likes to know his thoughts, feelings and where the relationship is going. To be honest, if you really want to turn a girl on, connect with her!

14 Adventurous Guy 🏄🏼

photography,morning,extreme sport,mountain,wind, Just because you've got a girlfriend, doesn't mean you can stop being adventurous! A girl likes to know that the guy she is with is not boring, in fact, a guy on the dangerous side is always a huge turn on! Whether you are driving a really fast car or you are just a daring kinda guy, your girlfriend will be turned on if you're a little adventurous!

15 Delicious Scent 👃🏼

human action,photograph,black and white,person,people, When guys try to attract a girl, they don't usually think about her nose, which is a huge mistake. While we want men to look good and feel good, we also want them to smell good. The right scent can make us come closer and hope for a kiss.

16 Sense of Humor 😂

white,black,photograph,black and white,photography, Women can't get enough of funny men. Of course, making us laugh isn't the only important thing that you need to do. We also want you to be able to laugh at yourselves and take a joke without getting angry. You need to be ready to laugh, and not ready to yell.

17 Chivalry 👌

interaction, Opening up doors for us and pulling out our chairs are swoon worthy. It's not something that we see every single day, even though we should. So if you treat a woman with respect and do a few little things for her, she'll think you're the sweetest thing she's ever seen.

18 Strength 👊 💪

black and white,black,white,monochrome photography,photography, We like muscles, but strength is about more than the size of your arms. Women want a man who can protect her if she was ever placed in danger. We want someone who will know how to handle an emergency situation and will keep us calm if we start to freak out.

19 Patience 🙏

color,green, We want a man who won't complain if we want to wait to get physical. We want a man who won't groan if we take too long applying make-up in the bathroom. The more patience you have, the happier we'll be with you. You don't have to let us get away with murder--just give us the time we need.

20 Playfulness 💆

black,white,black and white,photograph,human positions, If you're serious all the time, no woman will want to spend her days with you. We need some fun and excitement every once in a while, so if you won't joke around or watch sitcoms with her, she'll find someone who will.

21 Being Well Dressed 👦

black,white,black and white,photograph,man, The way that you dress is a huge factor in whether or not a woman will want to be with you. If you have poor hygiene and are wearing stained clothes, you won't appear attractive. You don't need to wear a suit and tie, but you need to look clean and presentable.

22 Intelligence 👀

Intex Mobile,screenshot,SMART,OT., Hearing a man discuss his favorite works of literature is always fascinating. It's nice to know that he has a brain of his own that isn't flooded with random facts about sports and TV shows. We want someone who will have an enlightening conversation with us.

23 Surprising Her 👫

performance,person,singing,performing arts,stage, You don't have to surprise her every single day, but it's a turn-on when a man does something that we would never have predicted. If you never clean, try washing the dishes and doing the laundry. If you never try anything new, take her to a fancy restaurant you've never been to.

24 Looks 👕 👖 👔

black and white,muscle,bodybuilding,arm,sense, Everyone has a different opinion about who's considered attractive, but looking good is certainly a turn-on. Some women like tattoos, some women like beards, and some women like muscles. If you have what she likes, then she's probably already turned on.

25 Confidence 💃

person,screenshot,For,metosayIwasntagenius,would, Confidence is the most important thing for a man to have. If he's walking tall and acting like he's the most important person in the room, we're going to take notice of him. It's impossible not to.

26 Sharing a Deep Common Ground 💏

human action,person,black and white,black,human positions, Not only do you want to understand her inside and out, but you also want to to have hobbies together. A girl loves, loves when a guy wants to do the things that she does. Does she love camping? You camp with her!

27 Understanding Her Personal Needs 👸

hair,human action,face,person,nose, Sometimes, girls need space and sometimes they are clingy; a girl loves when a guy gets this. It's also a huge turn-on if he is willing to let her pull away, to give her, her space and yet still be there.

28 Knowing when She is in a Bad Mood 👌

conversation,interaction,know,were,supposed, Yes, you should know her inside and out, but a bad mood? That's different, if you can tell when your girl is in a bad mood, she'll absolutely love you and be so turned on when her mood flips around.

29 Cute Text Messages to Brighten Her Day 📱

red,person,photography,singing,photo shoot, When she is having a bad day, the last thing that she wants to do is explain why. If she makes it clear that she is in a bad mood, why not shoot her a cute little text?

30 Seduce Her with Food 🍝

face,nose,mouth,lip,sense, Girls love food and if you're looking for a surefire way to turn her on, cook her dinner or order her favorite takeout meal. She'll love it!

So ladies, did I miss any turn-ons for girls? Guys, do you now know what turns your girl on? Remember, it's all about the connection. The deeper the connection, the more of a turn-on for a girl it is!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Robinson.

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