19 Reasons Why Sex is Incredibly Important in Your Relationship ...


19 Reasons Why Sex is Incredibly Important in Your Relationship ...
19 Reasons Why Sex is Incredibly Important in Your Relationship ...

Some people think sex is overrated in a relationship, while others think there are many reasons why sex is important with your spouse. When you are in love, it can connect the two of you in a way unlike any other. Aside from the obvious connecting part to having that time with your partner, there are some great medical benefits as well. Reasons why sex is important are all below, although there are many more I’m sure.

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Connects You

black,black and white,hair,person,image, This is a one of the most obvious reasons why sex is important I think. Of course being intimate with one another is going to bring you two closer. The simple fact that you are seeing each other naked is enough to bring you closer. Sometimes being very much in love and being attracted to each other, doesn’t mean the sexual chemistry is there. Once you two have found your groove in the bedroom, you should see that chemistry coming together.


Intimacy extends beyond the mere physical; it fosters an emotional bond that is hard to replicate through other forms of interaction. When you're physically close with your partner, communication on multiple levels is enhanced. Your bodies learn to speak a language of their own, a silent conversation that deepens trust and understanding. It's not just about the pleasure, although that's a significant part, but it's also about the unique connection that forms when two people share such a vulnerable aspect of themselves. This bonding lays a solid foundation for your relationship to flourish on every level.


Stress Release

black and white,monochrome photography,figure drawing,monochrome,drawing, I mean, who doesn’t want to come home after a long stressful day and release that with some loud Os? This is a great way to put a new hop in your step and restore your energy, and of course to forget about your long day. Experts say people who have regular sex respond better to stress than people who don’t.


So let's get real: when tension builds up, it's more than just our minds that feel the squeeze. Every inch of our bodies is crying out for that release, and what better way than through a little bedroom gymnastics? Engaging in some sensual play can work wonders, acting like a mental massage that kneads away the knots of the day. Plus, it's not only about the momentary bliss—regular intimacy can actually help us develop a robust shield against future stresses. Now, that’s a workout routine worth getting into, don't you think?

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Live Longer

Wossner,person,screenshot,speech,Live, Having one orgasm a day can keep the doctor away (see what I did there?). In order for the optimal health benefits, having an orgasm every 24 hours keeps the health benefits at their maximum and the levels of oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone consistently flowing. Not only that, but regular sex can improve cardiovascular health, reduce risks of prostate cancer and even reduce the possibility of osteoporosis. Why not help your partner live longer?


Absolutely—it's not just hearsay! Studies suggest that the release of endorphins during an orgasm can lead to a boost in immunity, providing a protective barrier against common illnesses. So, think of it as a spicy form of vitamin C! Snuggle up and sync heartbeats; regular intimate contact is linked to lowering blood pressure and even improving sleep quality. Sharing those hot and heavy moments might even keep you both feeling youthful and vibrant, as sex is known to release anti-aging hormones. The bedroom might just be your fountain of youth!

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human action,person,blond,mouth,leg, Make your sexy time into an exercise! You actually burn 144+ calories per half-hour every time you get down and dirty according to studies, and who doesn’t love burning calories? (ESPECIALLY while having sexy time!) The key for high-calorie-burning sex is making it hot and making it last, say experts. You can also add a little moaning and sighing, which can help you burn an extra 18 to 30 calories.


Beyond just the calorie-burning benefits, incorporating exercise into your intimate moments can lead to increased agility and stamina, both of which can heighten the experience. You don't need a gym membership to improve your physical fitness when you have a playful partner and a shared willingness to explore. From trying new positions to adding a playful wrestle, you can turn your love-making sessions into a fun and efficacious workout routine. Remember, even laughter during these moments gives your abs a bit of a workout, so keep it light-hearted and enjoy the physical (and emotional) gains!

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Good Night's Sleep

black,black and white,photograph,image,monochrome photography, Who isn’t tired after some time between the sheets? This is a fantastic way to help you close those heavy eyes before your usual time. Sex is said to cause a drop in body temperature, and also appears to induce a deep sleep. Experts usually discourage exercise within a few hours of bedtime but the physical activity of sex seems to be a positive exception to that rule.


Engaging in intimate moments with your partner acts like a soothing balm to your restlessness, making it more than just pleasurable experience. It releases the hormone oxytocin, often called the 'cuddle hormone', which promotes feelings of contentment and relaxation. Furthermore, the release of endorphins can help combat stress and anxiety, which are common culprits of insomnia. So, not only does sex strengthen your bond, but it also paves the way for a sound, restorative slumber. Think of it as a nighttime ritual that benefits both your relationship and your overall well-being.

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Better Self Esteem

person,mouth,screenshot,singer,official, If you are making love with your partner, you feel great about yourself, right? If you aren’t, you wonder where else he is getting it. Having that time together shows each other that you are committed and you are in love with each other. Now of course, if you aren’t having sex yet with your partner, that is fine! Having some quality lip locking time does the trick just as well.


Physical intimacy, whether it's between the sheets or just sizzling kisses, gives your confidence a real boost. It makes you feel wanted and sexy. And when you see that spark in your partner's eyes, it's like a silent compliment that echoes, "You're irresistible.” This mutual admiration is the ultimate ego-lifter and a fundamental part of keeping the flame alive. Remember, a healthy sex life is like telling each other “You’re the one for me” without uttering a word. And that’s a powerful message for both self-esteem and relationship vitality.

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Keeps Things Hot

bed,furniture,interaction, Sex is a great way to recharge at the end of the day and to break up your routine. If you do the usual routine every day, try throwing in sexy time randomly. This will keep your relationship hot and spontaneous. What guy doesn’t love that? You will too!

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Improves Bladder Control

human action,person,hair,kiss,mouth, You might not have issues holding your bladder now, but it's bound to happen in the future. However, if you have sex often enough, your bladder control will improve. It's probably not your main reason for having intercourse, but it's certainly a great benefit!

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Boosts Libido

human action,person,woman,beauty,mouth, The more you have sex, the more you'll want to have sex. So even if you're a bit iffy on intercourse now, you'll end up being as eager as a little bunny rabbit. The same will happen with your partner, so you two won't want to keep your hands off of each other.

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Glowing Skin

black,white,black and white,person,human positions, Don't you love looking in the mirror to see flawless skin? Well, you'll be halfway there once you start having sex frequently. The more you do it, the better your skin will look. You'll have a certain glow to you that isn't only due to your happiness.

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Relieves Pain

black and white,person,human positions,monochrome photography,muscle, Having a headache is a horrible excuse for skipping out on sex. Why? Because sex can actually cure a migraine. It makes the pain disappear, so if you're not feeling the greatest, having sex could be a good move.

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It's Fun

human action,person,black and white,kiss,monochrome photography, Why would you stop yourself from doing something fun? When you're with the right person, you'll love every second you spend with them--especially the time you spend naked. A relationship is meant to make you happier, so all the fun is part of a job.

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Easier to Breathe

human action,person,black,black and white,monochrome photography, Sex is "a natural antihistamine, helping to combat hay fever and asthma symptoms." That means that it makes it easier for you to breathe. So if you've been having problems with your allergies lately, a good roll in the hay could be the cure you've been looking for.

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Feeling of Well-Being

nightclub,THIS,THE,BEST, Having sex frequently will create a feeling of well-being, which is why you fall asleep so easily after doing it. That means that intercourse helps both your body and your mind. There's nothing unhealthy about it.

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Strengthens Cardiac Muscles

black,photograph,black and white,man,photography, Sex isn't only good for your heart in terms of your emotional state. It's also good for your physical health. If you want your heart to stay strong, sex is a great way to make sure that your blood keeps pumping.

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person,professional,learning,teacher,news, Sex can potentially boost your intelligence. There are studies that show that it can "accelerate brain cell growth." So if you're hoping to ace a test, you can take a break from studying to have some sex. Hey, it's worth a shot, isn't it?


Engaging in regular sexual activity isn't just a pathway to pleasure and intimacy—it could also be a brain-boosting benefit. According to research findings, sexual intercourse may lead to the improvement of certain cognitive functions. It's linked to the production of new neurons in the hippocampus, the brain region associated with memory, which could enhance mental flexibility. So, while the gym works you out physically, bedroom activities could be considered a workout for your brain. You might just find yourself thinking sharper and perhaps picking up new skills more swiftly!

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Stops Boredom

speech,screenshot,THIS,GONNA,GOOD, When you spend tons of time with your boyfriend, things can get boring. When you run out of things to do, sex is always a great activity to resort to. Its something that'll never get stale, because there will always be plenty of new moves to try out.

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Helps You Know One Another Better

human action,black and white,black,person,monochrome photography, You want your partner to know you inside and out. That means that he should learn how to pleasure you. The more often you have sex, the better he'll get at making you happy. That's why you should strip off your clothes whenever you can.

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You'll Look Younger

person,image,supermodel,photo shoot,model, All of the things on this list combined will help you look younger. Right now, you might not be worried about wrinkles, but you will be in the future. That's why having as much sex as you can while you can is a great idea.

I think we all know sex is important in a relationship, but of course if you aren’t at that stage yet, don’t take this article the wrong way. But if you are, then the above tips are all true, and trust, I am speaking from experience. Is there another reason why sex is important in your relationship? Give me some more tips!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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it very important Without sex alot of people will be horny

Sex confirmed for being beneficial to relationships

I am in a relationship from 8 month. I want sex with my girlfriend .But she always said no and said we will sex after marrege. What i should do ?

@moham petal maybe she's a Virgin

I've noticed that when I and my lover have sex a few times a week we tend to be more affectionate in other healthy ways such as acts of service/kind words/and non sexual touch. Helps tie everything together so we can meet each others non sexual needs also

Are you single

Sex, sex, sex and more sex!!! Thats all i think about! I feel great and sleep like a baby after sex!

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