7 Charming Ways to Attract an Aquarius ...


While there are plenty of ways to attract an Aquarius, you've got to know the right ones!

My BFF is an Aquarius and I absolutely love him – but he's hard to pin down and finds it difficult to pay attention to someone exclusively.

If you have a huge crush on an Aquarius and are wondering how to attract an Aquarius, take a look at my tips below!

They work and I promise, your Aquarius-crush will be after you in no time!

1. You've Got to Stand out in a Crowd

An Aquarius is a sign that is so out-going, so over the top and so out there, it's hard for them to really pinpoint exactly who they like.

That means that you'll have to stand out in a crowd and you'll really have to work to impress your amazing Aquarius-crush.

Remember, learning to attract an Aquarius is difficult, but it isn't impossible at all!

2. Bubbly Personality

Most Aquarians are some of the bubbliest people in the world.

They don't like negativity and definitely don't want to be with someone that is going to bring them down.

That means that you've got to be at least a bit positive to entice this sign to like you.

Save the negativity and just be super bubbly and super positive!

This particular sign thrives on positive energy, remember that!

3. Friends First

One thing that you've got to know about an Aquarius is the fact that he or she loves to be friends first.

They never, ever want to rush right into anything and instantly become boyfriend or girlfriend.

Instead, why not try to become their BFF first, then you can really get to know them!

4. Don't Tie Them down Right Away

Never, ever try to tie down an Aquarius with a label first and foremost.

While the conversation about labels will absolutely come later, after you've established a relationship, you can't immediately expect a label right off the bat.

That means that you've got to be patient and not try to push your luck!

Remember, a label will come eventually, but you've got to be patient for it.

Avoid Emotionally Charged Discussions
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