7 Virgo Love Traits to Watch out for ...


7 Virgo Love Traits to Watch out for ...
7 Virgo Love Traits to Watch out for ...

The Virgo is a sign that is super unique and totally different than any other sign, which means that if you are on the lookout for some amazing Virgo love traits, you’ve got to take a look below. I’ve looked everywhere to gather the best of the best Virgo love traits so that you know exactly what you are getting into when you are sliding into a relationship with a Virgo. The Virgo is a sign that has been known to be super independent and has also been known to be cold. So, try to understand exactly what Virgo love traits are out there!

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Very Trustworthy

The Virgo is by far one of the most trustworthy signs, as they are super committed to the relationship that they are in. They want to be with one person and the best Virgo love traits always revolve around that. If you are in a relationship with a Virgo, you know that you can trust them.


Super Considerate

This particular sign is one of those signs that is very considerate of their partner, but not necessarily of their partner's feelings, just because they have a really hard time with their emotions. That means that you’ve really got to consider the sign that you are dealing with, girls and guys – they are considerate, just not with their feelings and they might not realize if they hurt yours.


Known to Be Independent

As I mentioned before, this is by far one of the most independent signs out there. This is a sign that can be by themselves if they want to be and it is a sign that chooses whom they allow in their circle. They love being with people, but they can also be by themselves and be okay. You will never see a co-dependent Virgo!


Craves Intellect

This is a sign that absolutely loves intellect and truthfully, they can’t live without it. They want someone that will stimulate them mentally and they won’t be able to be in a relationship that won’t allow for this. If you want a Virgo as a partner, this is the way to their heart! They love facts, love charts and they are super impressed when you know what you are talking about!


Does Not like to Ask for Help

This is also a difficult sign for asking for help. They hate to admit that they need a little help around the house or even in their professional life. They absolutely can’t stand for someone to see them as weak, so they will take the world on their shoulders, no matter what!


Can Be Emotionally Unattached

This sign is so, so independent, it’s common for this sign to be unaffected by emotions and for it to seem like they are cold and completely emotionally unattached. It’s common for them to be called chilly and for people not to really understand what they go through!


Does Not Show Love

Finally, this is not true for every single Virgo out there, but a lot of Virgos have a really big problem with PDA and they really don’t know how to show their affection. If you are looking for a sign that is constantly going to be giving you affection, this isn’t the sign for you!

So, while you might have known some of the love traits for a Virgo, did you know them all? What ones did you miss? Share ‘em!

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#4 is do true! Described me better than I could! (Except number 7 might be a stretch )

I agree crazy accurate

Spot on! We are also very critical and over thinkers, yet very well balanced and give superb advice!

Every last one of my friends agree that this is 100+% accurate in describing me...lol... yeah I couldn't argue... hands down this article described me to the T

true..I am a virgo

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I\'m similar to this. I I\'ve PDA though, but I\'m very independent and trustworthy.

So true

Without argument this is all true. My friend says I give love on my own terms, it's love, but you may have to squint to see it clearly.

#6 & #7 I do not agree with. The rest yes.

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