7 Clear Distinctions between Movie Love and Real Love ...


Youโ€™ve seen dozens of films, so you should know that movie love and real love are completely different.

Movies are meant to show reality, but there has to be some sort of twist in order to make it entertaining.

No one wants to watch a film about a couple sleeping, silently eating breakfast, and catching the train for work, with no drama involved.

If you wish your life was like life on the big screen, you have to remember that there are some huge differences between movie love and real love:

1. Time Moves Quickly

In the movies, characters fall in love after one conversation.

Even if you believe in love at first sight, this isnโ€™t very likely.

The difference between movie love and real love is that the latter takes time.

You have to learn about a person, become close with them, and develop a deep relationship with them before your love will flourish.

Some fall in love more quickly than others, but it could take years for your feelings to grow that large.

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