9 Cute Things Boys do without Even Noticing ...


There are plenty of cute things boys do without realizing they’re being adorable. The fact that they don’t notice is what makes them so enticing. They’re not trying to impress us, but they’re doing it anyway. Here are just a few of the many cute things boys do:

1. Ruffle Their Hair

It’s not attractive when a guy is always staring in a mirror, trying to look his best. However, one of the cute things boys do is simply run their hands through their hair or ruffle it a bit. Hey, they think we’re attractive when we play with our hair. Why can’t it be the other way around?

Lick Their Lips


Hai Yen
All are true
When my husband rolls up his sleevs he looks so dashing and hot😍😍
Stephanie Eklund
Sure these are cute if you're 15...
The stretching😍
Isabelle Kane
Yes yes yes!! All of that is true! Especially the stretching! 😍😍
I love when my boyfriend is really deep in thought. The look on his face is adorable!! I also love when he stretches and like groans a little bit. Every time he does that I go completely crazy!!!!!
The guy I like is an amazing swing and blues dancer. Whenever we dance, it always ends up being a really fun dance!
Haha I love his funny faces, we have grrrrrrr wars to see who is the most 'scary' monster. He's adorbs❤
Kyla Giesbrecht
Ahh so true! My heart is just racing thinking about it!
My friends always make silly faces especially the guy ones and I do like one of them but I moved then he moved and I'm really sad because he liked me back and I've known him for 6-7 years and he likes...
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