7 Strange Things Guys Find Attractive in Women ...


7 Strange Things Guys Find Attractive in Women ...
7 Strange Things Guys Find Attractive in Women ...

We know a lot of things that guys find attractive but did you know that there are some strange things guys find attractive? I really didn’t know that most of these things were things guys find attractive until I worked on this article. I have found the information for this article on strange things guys find attractive through some interviews with guys as well as some research. I hope it is as enlightening to you as it was to me.

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Fear Fear is the first thing on my list of strange things guys find attractive. When I first read this, I thought it was awful! A guy wanted his girl to be scared? But as I read, I began to understand more. Guys don’t want to wish deep fear on a girl but seeing her a little afraid gives him the chance to step in, comfort her and play the hero.


The idea is not about perpetuating distress, but rather about the natural instinct many men have to protect and reassure. It’s this protective instinct that often kicks in when a woman exhibits vulnerability. It makes the man feel needed and valuable, and for some men, that can be highly attractive. They relish the opportunity to be the proverbial knight in shining armor. Remember, it's not about endorsing vulnerability, but about appreciating the bond that it can fortify when a man provides comfort in a moment of unease.


Seeing Her a Mess

Seeing Her a Mess This one surprised me, too. The thing is, most guys do appreciate when a woman makes the effort to look pretty through dressing nice, fixing her hair or doing her makeup. But they also find it attractive if they get to see her undone. Most men report that this gives them a secret window into knowing who she is. They get to see the girl behind the makeup up, nice clothes and hairspray.


It's the unguarded, raw moments that truly captivate. When she's lounging around in pajamas with her hair in a messy bun, there's an irresistible charm that draws men in. This isn't about a look that she has carefully curated; it's the genuine, unpolished version of herself. To them, it's like holding a backstage pass to her life, where they get to appreciate her natural beauty and authentic self. It conveys a level of intimacy and trust that can't be mimicked with the glam.


Wearing Glasses

Wearing Glasses Okay, this one I did know but I still don’t entirely understand. My husband has always told me he loved to see me in my glasses and I know my best friend’s husband feels the same way. As I started doing research, I found a lot of evidence to back this up. Guys find women that wear glasses attractive. It turns out that those contact lenses aren’t necessary, ladies.


It's no secret that glasses can be an attractive feature for many people. In fact, wearing glasses can make a person look more intelligent, sophisticated, and mature. Studies have shown that men are more likely to find women wearing glasses attractive, as they often associate glasses with intelligence.

Studies have also found that glasses can make a person appear more trustworthy. This is likely due to the fact that glasses can be seen as a sign of maturity and responsibility. Women who wear glasses are often seen as more reliable and dependable, which can be a major draw for men.

In addition to being attractive, glasses can also be seen as a sign of confidence. Wearing glasses can show that a woman is comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to show her intelligence. This can be a major turn-on for many men.

Finally, glasses can be seen as a sign of femininity. Men often associate glasses with being feminine and delicate, which can be a major draw for them. Women who wear glasses are often seen as more approachable, which can be a major plus for men.


Wearing Camo

Wearing Camo This piece of information came out in a short interview I did. The guy was stressing that a man would find camo attractive on a woman because it meant she could be his hunting buddy. It makes sense. But it doesn’t have to be wearing camo that makes you attractive. Basically, a woman that has a shared interest with a man is attractive to him.


Watching Your Apply Makeup

Watching Your Apply Makeup It turns out men are kind of fascinated with watching you apply your makeup. Who knew? It amazes them how precisely that a woman can do this. They also seem to be amazed that each woman has her own unique style with her makeup. So, don’t feel self-conscious about checking your makeup in front of him, ladies!


Men are not just intrigued by the final look but also by the transformation process. It's like witnessing a live art show where your face is the canvas. This fascination is a mix of curiosity and admiration for the intricate techniques involved—from blending eyeshadows to drawing the perfect winged eyeliner. It's a chance for them to appreciate the art and skill involved in a routine you might see as just another part of your day. So go ahead, wield that mascara wand with pride; you're an artist, and you've got an audience that's captivated by every stroke.


Your Accent

Your Accent Many of us are embarrassed by our accents. I used to feel that way but have learned to embrace mine over the years. It doesn’t matter if you have an accent from the south, the inner city or the distinct New Jersey accent. An accent can be very attractive to a guy. They will usually think that your accent is very cute to listen to.


Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks If you have had a child by your partner, you can totally relax about your stretch marks. Stretch marks are something that most women are very unhappy about but your partner probably loves them. Why? They remind him of the fact you carried his baby. He loves that you allowed your body to protect and shelter a child until it came into the world, including the fact that they gave you stretch marks.

Many of these were very surprising to me. What about you? Which of these 7 strange things that guys find attractive surprised you the most?

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For sure I can agree, my loved one likes watching me dress up in front of him. He gives me those loving looks and I wonder what they meant:). In India we wear a sari - traditional outfit and my man finds me the most sexiest whenever I wear one!

The last one is so cute 😻👐

what about girls who have stretch marks but never had a child with them or sex at all then? Does that automatically make them ugly cause you didn't have their kid?

wow I didnt know that guys liked the girls who wear glasses :)

haha that's hilarious I'm not gonna be scared so he has to play hero what is this the sixties? I can take care of myself

#4 what is camo?

Surprisingly reassuring.

Sooo the pregnant chick has not one single stretch mark. Why is that I wonder?

I only agrer with 4/7. The camo thing is a bit weird

I only agree on points 4 and 6. I highly disagree with the rest.

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