4. A Kind Gesture

Some people straight up cannot say they're sorry.

Practice makes perfect, but in the meantime, you still need to deal with the situations that call for an apology.

So be kind.

Let your feelings show even when you can't find the words to say what you mean.

Bake a cake, send flowers, or give the person you hurt a hug.

Phone It in


i really need help... this guy and i started talking about a week ago... i started to like him but im afraid to like someone again after what happened with the last guy i liked. Except this time this guy was the complete oppisite to me. He wanted to talk to me all the time in school and out.. he lives the street over from me and he always wanted to come over and just be with me.. people would see us hug in school and stuff and i guess they started asking him questions and he didnt like that. We did hook up twice and neither of us told ANYONE about it.. He was mad at me because he thought i told but i didnt.. somehow his ex of a little over a year found out (they just brike uo 2 months ago) and he was really upset... and now when i walk by him we dont even really acknowledge each other.. i really like him and i tried saying sorry but i really want to talk to him and i dont know what to do..please help me:(
well think you should say sorry 2 him :D
Ok so there is this guy I use to go out with and I broke up with him for my own personal reasons. He was in live with me and I think I have some unsettled feelings for him still what should I do?!? Please ideas, answers, anything!!!
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