8 Tips on Dealing with a Lazy Husband ...


8 Tips on Dealing with a Lazy Husband ...
8 Tips on Dealing with a Lazy Husband ...

Do you find yourself doing all the chores around the house on your own while your husband lounges about? If you are wondering what to do with your potato-like husband, then take a look at the following suggestions. Here are 8 tips on dealing with a lazy husband that might help you get him to put forth a little more effort around the house. A few of the tips simply help you deal with him in general.

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Accept Help when He Offers, Even if You Don’t Need It

One tip on dealing with a lazy husband involves not looking a gift horse in the mouth. You might have to nag a couple of times to get something done, but if your husband goes out of his way to offer help with anything, be sure to take it. Even if it is something you were about to do and will only take a couple of seconds, take the assistance when it comes around. Afterwards, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate this kind gesture.


Come to Terms That Your Husband Will Never Think Exactly like You

Even if you both like similar things, you will probably always disagree on the way the bathroom is cleaned. When your husband helps you with chores around the house or with anything you ask him to, don’t get upset if it isn’t completed the same way you would do it yourself. Be content with the way he helps out or don’t ask him to do it in the first place.


Don’t Act like the Foreman of the House

Guys don’t want to be told what to do all the time. Most of them do very well at thinking on their own and they don’t want to feel like they are still living at home with mom and dad. Be a loving wife and nicely ask for assistance with a chore around the house or make him a list of things you cannot do and would greatly appreciate if he would do them when he has free time.


Don’t Redo Something Your Husband Has Just Done

Being content is another important tip on dealing with a lazy husband. You might not agree with the way your husband has just done the dishes, but don’t start rewashing them because you think they should be washed in a different manner. This sort of follows the same line of thought as being content with his work, but this is taking it one step further by showing how discontent you are about the way things were done.


Catch Him in a Good Mood when You Ask Him to do Something

Everyone has their moments and your husband might be more willing to do something for you if you ask him while he’s happy about something else. Try not to blurt out what you need. Instead, try to ease into the question or request for your husband to do something so you don’t force him out of his good mood.


Hold on to Your Patience

Losing your patience won’t make your husband any less lazy. In fact, a lack of patience has often backfired on many women and caused their husbands to be lazier than usual. Take a deep breath and walk away if you think you are about to lose it. Some husbands will catch on to this sound and get the hint that they’ve gone a bit too far. A few might even help you right away once they hear the sudden intake of breath followed by a deep sigh.


Show Him How Appreciative You Are when He Actually Does Something

This tip on dealing with a lazy husband involves appreciation. Some husbands need to be showered with phrases and gestures that show them just how appreciative their wives are. Carrying out this method will be mostly up to you and how responsive your husband is to the gratitude shown. Some need a little while others require a lot.


Don’t Yell to Get What You Want

Yelling will cause most husbands to block out what is being said nearly immediately. A few husbands will not only ignore what is being said in a raised tone, but they might even walk out of the room without a backwards glance. Speak in regular tones and try to continue to be loving when you ask your husband to help you with something.

You might not agree with each of these 8 tips on dealing with a lazy husband, but the friends who suggested some of these say they truly do work! Feel free to share your own suggestions. What techniques do you use to get the results you want; bribery with your special hot wings or maybe holding the remote control for ransom?

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Clothes. They have to do Laundry.

This all sounds like crap their mothers should have done. I've raised kids, shouldn't have to raise a husband too!

well i get my husband to do things when i cut his internet cord i dump a cold class of water on him and make him clean up but #2 i do that with my 4 year old that doesnt work with a grown man if it does grats.some men a just lazy i have taken his computer until he helped me i have stacked the dishes on his side of the bed i have put the trash he was supost to take out in his desk chair it goes on but it gets the job dont and i dont yell i give him a look and he knows i mean biss .you just have to know how to modavate them find their weak spots lol ps. if you get really tired of cleaning and he want help and he is sitting thier get a trash bag and start throwing everything away .so then that way you will have less to clean next time works for me:)

im sorry to hear that im in the same boat just try to ask him nicely to help im going to start to do that to see what happen i let you know what happens good luck

I guess I'm not the only one with the lazy husband. All of my husband wants to do is sit in the couch and watch TV and be on his computer.. I do home health and also clean house to make extra money I am very exhausted when I get home sometimes I feel as if I just should get a divorce.. But at my age I would hate to start over. So I'll just have to try and fix the one I have.. Please help ;(

I'm near giving up regarding this issue. He told me to ask him nicely, so I do and same results. Garbage still there... =/

my husband lies on the couch while i do everything i ask him to take the trash out he says yes in the morning i have to take it bad knee bad back it seems he doesnt give a shit about me at all

i quess all men husbands are so lazy. looks like iam not the only one. my husbands only helps @ only when he wants and feel like it. cuz mostly of all the time ill do everything for my kids.

Women have to baby and kiss ass to get what they need.  First. Stop doing there Laundry. If they want Clean Clotm

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