How Can You See Him during the Holiday Season?


Making plans during the holiday season can be so tricky if you have a lot going on.

Everyone has different schedules and parties that they have to go to, which makes seeing your significant other during the holiday season especially hard if you’re not at a place where you accompany each other to every event.

If you’re trying to make plans with your significant other during this winter break but don’t know where to start, this list will give you some ideas.2

I guarantee that it will help squash a lot of would-be fights, and your relationship will thrive for it!

1. Plan Something Low-Key

The holidays are a busy time for everyone;

so if you’re looking for an excuse to see your guy, plan something low-key.

Chances are that you’ll both be a lot more comfortable because you won’t be expected to dress up or deal with a lot of people.2

Sometimes we just need a little bit of a breather during the holiday season—give each other an excuse to relax!

2. Invite Him to a Big Family Party

If you’re up for the challenge, invite your guy to go to a big holiday party with you.

It’s probably one of the easiest places to introduce your guy to the family, because a big crowd takes the pressure off.

It’s still nerve-wracking, but a lot more relaxed, and it gives you an excuse to see him this break!

3. Plan a Party with Friends

Make plans for a party this New Year’s Eve.

It’s the perfect way to get a midnight kiss from your guy!

You’ll have a blast with your friends and dressing up and you’ll get to spend time with your guy!

What could be better than that?

4. Find Something Fun to do

Although a lot of people just run for the closest blanket during the winter, there are actually a lot of activities you can do together!

Go sledding, ice skating, or even just go Christmas shopping together.

Do something fun together for a memorable winter break!

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