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Sex isn't something that your boyfriend should enjoy while you suffer through it. Both of you are supposed to have a good time. However, there are way too many women out there who don't actually enjoy sex. Some of them even feel pain during intercourse. That shouldn't be the case, so if you've been experiencing discomfort, here are a few ways to make sex feel more comfortable for you:

1. Foreplay for Longer

Foreplay for Longer

It's easy for men to get ready for sex. For women, it takes a little more time. That's why you need to engage in foreplay. Make out for a little while or ask him to go down on you. Do whatever you need to do to get ready for sex. If you're not ready down below the belt, then it's going to feel unpleasant.

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Mariyah Davis
Lots of foreplay is soooooo important!
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