17 Common Sex Terms You Should Absolutely Learn ...


17 Common Sex Terms You Should Absolutely Learn ...
17 Common Sex Terms You Should Absolutely Learn ...

It doesn't matter how old you are or how many times you've had sex before. There's nothing wrong with having questions about sex. Sometimes, the terms can get confusing. So here are a few sexual terms that you should know:

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Foreplay If you're going to have sex with someone, you need to foreplay beforehand. It takes women a while to get warmed up enough for sex. Without foreplay, you might end up feeling uncomfortable, or will even experience pain.



human action, muscle, interaction, Penetration isn't the only way to make someone orgasm. You can use your lips and tongue to get the job done, too. But oral sex counts as sex too, you know. STDs can be transferred this way, so be careful!



69 This is when two people give each other oral sex at the same time. It's a good way to make sure that you both get off.



Penetrate Penetration is when something enters your body, like a man's penis or fingers. Be careful, because you can get an STD if your genitals are rubbing against each other, even if penetration isn't involved.



STD An STD is a sexually transmitted disease. It's when your partner gives you something unhealthy, like chlamydia or herpes or HIV.



Anal This is when the anus is penetrated instead of the vagina. You can still get an STD this way, but you can't get pregnant from it.



Pegging This is when a woman penetrates her man with a sex toy.



Consent This is the most important word of all! It means that both you and your partner want to have sex with each other. You can't sleep with someone without consent.



Ejaculation This is what happens when a man orgasms. It's "the action of ejecting semen from the body."



Bondage Some people like to restrain their partners (with their consent, of course). Bondage typically involves handcuffs and blindfolds.



Lubrication Lubrication is what you can use during sex to make sure that things go smoothly. If you use it, there's less of a chance that you'll experience pain.



Missionary This is one of the most popular sex positions, the one that you see on television all the time. It's when a man is on top of a woman.



Cowgirl This is another popular sex position. It's when the woman is on top of the man. You might've also heard of reverse cowgirl, which is the same thing, except your booty is facing his head instead of your chest.



Cunnalingus This is what it's called when a woman recieves oral sex.



Sexting You probably know what this is. It's when you text someone about all of the naughty things that you'd like to do to them.



Submissive This means "meekly obedient or passive." If you like it when your partner takes control in the bedroom, you're submissive. If you want to be the one in control, you're dominant.


Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk This is basically sexting face-to-face. It's when you tell your partner what you like about them, what you want them to do to you, and what you want to do to them. You can use it as a form of foreplay, or you can use it as a move during sex.

Now you know a little bit more about intercourse. What other sexual terms would you like to have defined for you?

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