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17 Compliments to Give Your Boyfriend in the Bedroom ...

By Holly

Your boyfriend isn't as confident as he looks. That's why you should encourage him during sex by reminding him of how amazing he is. He deserves to hear it! With that in mind, here are a few seductive compliments to give your boyfriend in the bedroom:

Table of contents:

  1. You taste delicious
  2. You’re a great kisser
  3. I love you
  4. That feels amazing
  5. You look hot
  6. The gym has paid off
  7. You’re the best sex i’ve ever had
  8. I love when you do that
  9. Keep doing that
  10. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me
  11. I never want to leave this bed
  12. You’re everything i’ve ever wanted
  13. I’m going to finish
  14. I can’t wait to do that again
  15. You’re so big
  16. You're making me so wet
  17. You're leaving me speechless

1 You Taste Delicious

After you press your lips against his, tell him how amazing he tastes. Of course, you can do the same after pressing your lips against his chest, stomach, or a little lower on his body.

2 You’re a Great Kisser

If you tell him he's an amazing kisser, then his kisses will start to get more intense. The more confident you make him feel, the better.

3 I Love You

Sex shouldn't be meaningless. He'll have a better time if you remind him that you have genuine feelings for him, and aren't just using him because he happens to be super hot.

4 That Feels Amazing

When you like what he's doing, make sure you let him know. That way, he'll do it again and again.

5 You Look Hot

Don't hesitate to state the obvious. He might not realize how sexy he really is.

6 The Gym Has Paid off

If your boyfriend spends time trying to get fit for you, then let him know that you appreciate what he's been doing. Compliment those muscles.

7 You’re the Best Sex I’ve Ever Had

This is the best compliment you can give in the bedroom. Just don't say it unless it's the truth, because he'll be able to tell if you're lying.

8 I Love when You do That

Make sure you moan as these words leave your mouth. It'll make the compliment sound even hotter.

9 Keep Doing That

Positive reinforcement is the best compliment there is.

10 I Can’t Wait to Feel You inside of Me

Let him know that you're just as eager as he is for sex. It'll be a major turn-on.

11 I Never Want to Leave This Bed

You can say this when you're having sex, or when you're innocently cuddling. Either way, it's a cute compliment.

12 You’re Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

It doesn't matter if you're referring to his moves in the bedroom or your relationship as a whole. It's always a sweet compliment.

13 I’m Going to Finish

When you come close to finishing, let him know. That way, he won't stop what he's doing.

14 I Can’t Wait to do That Again

Round two, anyone? Let him know you're ready to go again, so he realizes how much fun you just had.

15 You’re so Big

Men get super self-conscious about their penis size. That's why you should let him know that you think he's huge.

16 You're Making Me so Wet

This is the best thing that he could ever hear. It'll be music to his ears.

17 You're Leaving Me Speechless

Once sex is over and done with, let him know that it was so amazing that you don't even have words to describe it.

Now you'll be able to make your man feel special while you're beneath the sheets! What's the best compliment that a man has ever given you in the bedroom?

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