17 Things Every Woman Should do after Sex ...


17 Things Every Woman Should do after Sex ...
17 Things Every Woman Should do after Sex ...

Post-sex rituals take on many forms. There are things you do for yourself, things you do with your partner, and things you do long after the sex is over when you're alone and centering yourself. It's important to have a post-sex routine, though, not just for your emotional, physical, and mental health, but also because your routine can make you enjoy sex even more. Yes, for really real! Take a look.

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Use the Bathroom, but Only if You Really Need to

Use the Bathroom, but Only if You Really Need to Peeing after sex is healthy, mainly because doing so can help rinse out the va-jay-jay (sorry, stalkers, I'm a Miranda Bailey fan) and keep your lovely area free of bacteria, which will also keep the UTIs at bay. You shouldn't force yourself to pee, though. Wait until you actually need to go because forcing it is painful and unnecessary.


It's like giving your downstairs a mini-shower — without the loofah. But don't rush or push it; trying to speed-pee is like trying to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube—it's annoying and somewhat futile. Think of it as a little extra self-care for your intimate parts. Plus, if you're prone to cystitis or other urinary discomforts, consider this a friendly reminder from your body to take a quick trip to the loo. Hydrate well, as it'll naturally prompt you to pee without the strain—your undercarriage will thank you!


Pay Attention to How You Feel

Pay Attention to How You Feel What I mean is that you need to pay attention to any discomfort you feel. Know what's normal and what's not normal. For example, it's not uncommon to feel some pain if you're a little dry or if you're ovulating, but you shouldn't feel pain or discomfort every time you have sex.


Recap What Just Happened

Recap What Just Happened Think about it to yourself first. Think about everything – what you enjoyed, what you didn't enjoy, what you want to do again, what you want to avoid forever. Afterward, recap with your partner, too. S/he needs to know what you like.


Reflecting on your intimate experiences is crucial for maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship. Share your thoughts openly and listen attentively to your partner's reflections as well. It's a team effort to build a comfortable and pleasurable bond. Whether it's complimenting a move you adored or gently suggesting a new thing to try, these conversations can significantly enhance your connection. Remember, communication is the key to understanding each other's desires and setting the stage for future escapades that will leave both of you smiling.


Talk to Your Partner

Talk to Your Partner In fact, talking to your partner is one of the most important things you can do after sex – unless that's not your thing. That's okay, too.


Embracing the post-coital conversation isn’t just about being chatty; it's an opportunity to bond and deepen the emotional connection with your partner. Whether it's a giggle over a funny moment, sharing intimate thoughts or discussing your feelings, this can be a precious wind-down time that fosters closeness. Remember, it's not necessarily about a lengthy discourse—just a few heartfelt comments can make a perfect afterglow chat. And if silence is preferred, simply cuddling can speak volumes and be just as connecting.


Cuddle – after You Pee

Cuddle – after You Pee I mean, if you had to pee in the first place. Cuddling is a great way to enhance intimacy, however, and the afterglow is pretty wonderful


Once you've taken that post-passion bathroom break, snuggling up to your partner can amplify the warm fuzzies and keep that blissful vibe going strong. Physical touch has the magic of deepening the bond between you two, and it’s the perfect time to bask in the close connection and physical warmth you share. A gentle embrace or intertwined limbs can say everything words cannot. Plus, it sets a tender tone that can carry into your daily routine. Whether a quick hug or a long, languorous spooning session, continue to savor the closeness. It's these moments that can make ordinary aftercare extraordinary.


Keep Touching Her/him

Keep Touching Her/him You don't have to stop touching each other just because you got off.


Physical contact doesn't have to end with the main event. Gentle caresses and soft cuddles can keep the intimate connection going, helping both partners feel cherished and satisfied. Whether it's a light stroke across the back or interlocking fingers, these small acts of affection can reinforce your bond and contribute to a deeper emotional connection after being physically close. Plus, it's just a sweet way to wind down together after riding the waves of passion.



white, black, black and white, image, swimming pool, Again, if you want to. It's a good time for it, it can help you relax, and if you're … you know, sticky or covered in syrup or something, a shower will feel great.


Taking the time for a nice, warm shower can be about more than just hygiene. It's an opportunity to unwind and pamper yourself after an intimate moment. The steam and soothing water can act as a tranquilizer, easing any muscular tension and calming your mind. After all, post-coital bliss is not just about the act itself but also about taking care of your body and soul following the experience. Plus, feeling fresh and squeaky clean is always a confidence booster. Just make sure to use a gentle soap to keep your delicate areas happy.


Make a Snack Together

Make a Snack Together You just burned a bunch of calories. Have a snack! Eat a cookie!


Maybe Take a Nap Together

Maybe Take a Nap Together You also just burned a lot of energy. Feel free to doze a little. You earned it – and it's perfectly normal to feel sleepy after sex.


Compliment Your Partner

Compliment Your Partner Let her/him know how much you loved being together. Compliment her kisses or the way he held you when he entered you.


Sure, studies have shown that positive affirmations can strengthen relationships. After your intimate moment, make it a point to express genuine admiration for your partner's qualities or the effort they put into making the experience special for both of you. Whether it's the softness of their skin or the passion in their touch, acknowledging these details can enhance the emotional connection and boost your partner's confidence. It's these little affirmations that add to the afterglow and foster a deeper bond. Always remember, the key is sincerity—a heartfelt compliment goes a long way in nurturing your love.


Pay Attention to Any Pain You Feel

Pay Attention to Any Pain You Feel I know we kind of already covered this, but it bears repeating. You need to be aware of any pain, or any other feelings you're not used to experiencing.


Discuss the Good and the Bad

Discuss the Good and the Bad It may take you a while to reach this stage of your relationship or it may not. Either way, if you don't communicate about what you love and what you hate, you'll never get everything you want.


Expressing your desires and concerns post-intimacy is as pivotal as the act itself. Share your likes to encourage more of what sets your heart ablaze, and discuss dislikes with sensitivity – your partner isn't a mind reader, after all. Honesty, served with a dollop of tact, enhances your bond and ensures that your bedroom antics are not just satisfying but also a true reflection of your deepest desires. Ignore this, and you risk a simmering pot of unmet needs and frustrations. Remember, a little pillow talk about the yays and nays can lead to more harmonious days... and nights.


Seriously, Though, Talk about What You Didn't like

Seriously, Though, Talk about What You Didn't like For real, this is crucial. No one should ever feel like they have to experience something they don't like. You do not have to do things you don't like.


Having an open dialogue with your partner about your dislikes is integral to a healthy relationship. It's not just about voicing displeasure; it's about creating a space where both parties feel comfortable expressing their boundaries and preferences. Remember, intimacy is a two-way street, and understanding each other's dislikes is just as important as knowing what makes each other tick. So, be honest and assertive—but kind. It will set the stage for a more fulfilling and respectful connection. Always prioritize a conversation that fosters mutual respect and understanding.


Discuss the Future

Discuss the Future This might not come up. It might never come up. But if your partner is someone you envision a future with, have this conversation after sex. It can really open up your eyes.


Talking about your shared future in the afterglow of intimacy can be a profoundly connecting experience. Your defenses are down, you're feeling close, and you're wrapped up in the warmth of the moment. Tread gently though—this isn't the time for ultimatums or pressure. Instead, consider sharing hopes, dreams, and aspirations with your partner, blending them into a mosaic of possibilities that can nurture your relationship. Be it a new adventure you'd like to embark on together, or simple musings about life milestones, savor the vulnerability and let your hearts do the talking.


Laugh Together

Laugh Together The couple who laughs together generally has phenomenal sex together.


Laughter isn't just medicine for the soul; it's a potent aphrodisiac. When you share genuine chuckles and giggles with your partner, you're building a bridge of intimacy that extends well beyond the bedroom. So don't shy away from a little post-coital comedy. Whether it’s reminiscing over inside jokes or finding humor in the awkward moments, letting your guards down and laughing can heighten the connection and ensure that the warmth and joy of the moment lingers, setting a blissful tone for the rest of the day—or night.


Clean up the Sheets Together

Clean up the Sheets Together Well. That wet spot.


Do It Again

Do It Again Do it as many times as you want!

What do you like to do during your moments of post-coital bliss?

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