How to Move on when You Still Love Him ...


Moving on is tough even if you donโ€™t have feelings left over, but if you do, it can really be tough.

However, there are tips, tricks, and steps to moving on from your ex boyfriend that will make your life easier than if you were trying to go about this on your own.

These tips will make moving on a breeze, even if that feels impossible right now!

1. Stop All Contact

The first step to moving on, no matter how much you may like him, is to stop contact completely.

Stopping contact will help get him out of your mind so much faster than harping on him would.2

If you were still talking to him daily, itโ€™d be a lot more difficult to move on than if you werenโ€™t communicating with him at all.

Tell Yourself You Hate Him


This couldn't have come at a better time... I need to start thinking about me... not what we had together.
That one day you accidentally saw him again, you can give a gorgeous smile and that's the time you'll say I've moved on๐Ÿ˜Š.
But what do you do when he dies... Yes, you move on, but you still want/need your reminders. Life goes on.
Margaret Gleeson
I hear you Gracie ...I broke up with my guy 4 weeks ago and was gutted ..looked for a bit of space at weekends as myYou fest is just 11 yrs and we were seeing each other for 3 months and for the month before we broke upHe came to stay at my house Fri morn to Mon afternoon ..but I found Mon-Fri I never caught up on my family and chores ! He left in a huff and never came back !! We had spoken long-Term and love and all :( I know it's over head knows it but not my heart !! I tried to talk but he wouldn't listen just wanted space til we all got used to it ...only a day at weekend though as I loved him ! I have 7 kids ..
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