Is He Busy or Blowing You off?


Some men are hard to figure out. They'll act like they like you one day, but then they'll ignore you the next. If you've been trying to figure out whether your crush has been too busy to contact you or if he's just not interested, you no longer have to worry. Here are a few signs that he's not actually busy, and that he's just blowing you off:

1. His Excuses Never Make Sense


If he tells you that he can't hang out, because he promised his mom he'd wash her car, then he's blowing you off. It only takes a few minutes to wash a car, so he could make time for you if he really wanted to.

He Never Actually Gives You an Excuse


@Alysha DiBiasio, he's reach out as soon as you part ways to check if you are alright and that he had a great time with you.
@Steph5, That's right. Don't waste your time on him. If he can't commit to his words then he can't commit to his relationships
@Emmarachelmay, I agree I wouldnt waste my energy on a guy who wouldn't even check on me.
Alysha DiBiasio
I just met this guy two days ago at school and he said he'd send me a message on Facebook. how long should I wait for him to contact me?
My crush is doing all of these things...he said we could "hang out sometime" on 8 different occasions, then 15 minutes before each "date" he would say how something came up and that he can't meet me o...
Who cares! Start dating men instead of immature little boys and you won't be asking yourself that question!
Unfotunately, Joy, i beg to differ.
Sometimes men are honestly just busy, instead of sitting there trying to analyze it , trust him and move forward
I started reading this article and I couldn't finish it because it was too immature. These are all things immature boys says not grown men.
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