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How do You Deal with an Indecisive Partner?

By Corina

Indecisiveness is a common trait among many people but there are a lot of ways to deal with it so it won’t affect your happiness. People who are indecisive are not weak or helpless as many might consider, they just don’t believe enough in their own authority. The reasons for indecisiveness are born out of self-doubt. When it comes to couples, one of the most common arguments caused by indecisiveness is where they are deciding to eat. Here are a few helpful tips on how to deal with an indecisive partner that you should consider:

1 Put Your Foot down

If you are out with your significant other and you see that they can’t decide on their own where will you go for lunch or what movie are going to watch, then just put your foot down, show what assertiveness is and help them make that decision. If they allow you to do so, you can even decide yourself where you will eat or what movie you will watch.

2 Plan B, C, D and so Forth

If your partner can’t decide on a certain thing, then give them as many viable options as possible. Be ready to help them and assure them that you will be there by there side no matter what they choose you should do.


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3 Have Patience

Dealing with an indecisive partner can require a lot of patience on your behalf. If you are usually not a very patient person, then train yourself and learn how you can develop this skill.

4 Be There for Your Significant Other

Being an indecisive person is not that easy. It can cause a lot of stress and fatigue and in the log term, it can really affect your well-being. Help your significant other to improve their self-esteem and be there for them. Have patience and help them realize that they can learn how to be more firm if they just practice and if they put a little effort into it.

5 Be a Little Selfish

Being indecisive can have a lot of disadvantages sometimes. If your partner has a hard time deciding on things, like what movie they want to see or what do they want to eat, be patient. Don’t force your decision on them; yet, you could try to suggest them a few solutions to their problems.

6 You Must Surrender All Control

Your job is to guide your partner not to enforce your decision on them. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and let your significant other deal with his indecisiveness. He will manage to find the best solution if you have enough patience and if you show them that you trust their judgement.

7 Help Them Understand Why This is Necessary

If your partner’s indecisiveness is bothering you, then help them understand why this is a problem and how it is affecting you or your relationship. Show them how beneficial will be for both of you if they manage to solve this problem and how your relationship will grow stronger and healthier.

If you want to help your significant other deal with their indecisiveness, have patience, work on it together and be there by their side. Do you know any other helpful tips on how to deal with an indecisive partner? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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