8 Signs He Wants to Spend Christmas Together ...


Signs he wants to spend Christmas together can be pretty subtle. When you're in a new relationship and you don't know about the proper holiday protocol, you're probably going crazy looking for signs he wants to spend the holidays with you. Does he want you to come home with him for the holidays? Would that make things too serious? What's going on in his head? Well, worry no more. There are lots of signs he wants to spend Christmas together, some subtle and some obvious, and I've got a great list of them for you!

1. He Discusses Activities

In a new relationship, it's hard to tell if you'll be putting too much pressure in your boyfriend or girlfriend by wanting to spend the holidays together. This is especially true if your partner generally goes to spend the holiday with his or her family. Let me say right away that it's always better to just ask outright. If you aren't comfortable with that, however, then one of the signs he wants to spend Christmas together is that he talks about what he always does for the holidays. He might talk about going skating, viewing a Christmas tree lighting, et cetera, with the distinct implication that he'd like to do it with you.

He Alludes to Plans


marcus mills
I mite as well start bloggin ppl acutally talk about reasons their mate would want 2 spend x mas wit them
Heather Jensen
Ha! Well -- he might just want to know where Chinese food is. :)
Joe Bob Briggs
What about if he discusses where to find good Chinese food...
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