9 Secret Signs He's into Your Girlfriend and Not You ...


Signs He is into Her and not you can be hard to spot, right ladies? If you're hanging out with a guy that you really think is into you, you might want to watch out for signs he is into her! Below, I've got the top 9 signs he is into her for you to watch out for next time you are into a guy and think he might be into someone else!

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He Includes Her Always

If you're seeing a guy that is constantly including your BFF – it is definitely one of the signs he is into her and not you. If he's inviting her out, constantly including her in group dates and in general, just asking her out, it might be a sign that he likes you. It might hurt for a while if you really do like the guy, but just watch out for this top sign that he's into her and you should be okay!


He Calls Her

While your crush might call you once in a while, one of the surefire signs he is into her is that he'll call her constantly. Whether she is out with her friends or she is at work, he'll give her a call just to hear her voice. Guys typically only call girls that they like, remember that.


Makes Last Minutes Plans to See Her

When a guy is into a girl, he doesn't always have to make concrete plans with her for a weekend. Making last minute plans with a girl is definitely one of the surefire signs he is into her! Whether it is a quick lunch or just a small dinner, if it's last minute, it means he couldn't wait to see her.


Talks about Her

Guys are actually just as bad as girls when it comes to gossiping. They don't like to mention it, but guys will talk about a girl that they are into so often. If you're noticing your guy friend talking a lot about your friend, it's definitely one of the many signs he is into her!


He's Constantly Touching Her

Guys touch girls that they like. It's just a natural thing – to have an arm around the a girl's shoulders, to touch their hair, to touch their face. If you're seeing a guy constantly touch a friend of yours, he is definitely into her!


Buys Her Gifts

It's pretty natural for a guy to buy a girl gifts when they are dating. Little trinkets, jewelry or even just flowers, they all make an impact! If your friends are being showered in gifts, you can bet that the guy that is doing it is into them!


Asks 'Getting to Know You' Questions to Her

Typically, it's really hard to tell if a guy is into a girl. If he's beginning to ask deep and meaningful questions, it's one sign that he's into a girl. The questions can range from her favorite food all the way to what's her favorite sexual position (not on the first date please). Typically, he just really wants to find out more information about the girl to see if she is dating material!


Texts Her

Texting is huge isn't it? How often do you text your friends? What about that guy you like? It's the same for guys ladies, they text when they like someone. If your friend is constantly getting texts from a guy – he's totally into her!


Keeps His Promises to Her

Guys typically have a really, really hard time keeping promises to girls that don't capture their attention and that they like. If a guy is keeping all of his promises, he's typically into the girl that he is keeping the promises to. Remember that if a guy isn't keeping promises to you!

Noticing some of the signs he is into her can be hard! After all, if you're into the guy that is into your best friend, it's a touchy subject. So ladies, what signs he is into her have you noticed? Any tips to share that you've seen when a guy is smitten?

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