Top 10 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair ...


Top 10 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair ...
Top 10 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair ...

You have a friend that you think a great deal about and you are focusing more on them than you are your partner. Believe it or not, you could be having an emotional affair with them without even realizing it. For that, I am here to give you the top 10 warning signs of an emotional affair …

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Withdrawing from Your Partner

Withdrawing from Your Partner You have started to withdraw from your partner and you don’t care about it. You would much rather spend time with that friend.


You Show No Interest in Your Partner

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You have gotten to the point where you show no interest in your partner. Instead, you put more of that interest towards your friend.


You Daydream about Your Friend

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You’re sitting there daydreaming about your friend. Your friend is constantly popping up in your mind and in a strange sort of way, you are actually enjoying it.


You Don’t Share Your Problems with Your Partner

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Instead of sharing your problems with your partner, you go and share them with your friend. You find it hard to share your problems with your partner, but you find it easy to share them with your friend.


Friendship Secret

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You really like having this friend and in the past, you have bragged a great deal about your friends to your partner. However, when it comes to this one particular friend, you, for some reason are keeping it secret. Now, this has made you start thinking about an emotional affair.



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You go out of your way to get your friend gifts. In fact, during this emotional affair, you think of reasons to get your friends gifts and you do it at least once a week.


Your Best

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You do your best just to try to impress this friend. You go out of your way to make them happy. However, you cannot say the same about the partner you are currently with.



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Eventually, you will start comparing this friend to your partner. You start to think that the friend in your life will make the perfect soul mate – but you still keep this all in your mind and don’t tell anyone about it.


Go out of Your Way

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You go out of your way to run into this friend on purpose. When you know they will be somewhere, you go there and act surprised when you run into them.



Lying Image source:

You start to tell lies to your partner. When your partner asks about your day, you avoid telling them about the friend you had lunch with. When you were with your friend, you make up lies.

Those are the top 10 warning signs of an emotional affair in my book. For those of you that are having an emotional affair, you should not let it get out of hand. You should put a stop to it right away before you get too deep. So, do you think you are having an emotional affair?
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Michael People were created to be loved, Things were created to bt used, The reason the world is in chaos People are being used and things are being loved

hi there i have a problem all so in a relationship i have ben upset worried and all the time crying to my self i'm a 35 year old guy and i'm dateing this 20 year old girl her names vikki last year we started dateing i move on a lake i did cause me and my brother lived in a apartment and are mom died last november she did so we had to move and so i met this vikki girl a friend of mind got us togeather so we started dateing i'm not a virgin any more i lost it to her because i felt i trusted her with my heart and i love her but face it you cant love some body just like that i finly reallize that till you got to no them better well this friend really mess things up i wanted a relationship not to just get me laid but have a nice relationship well that did not happen so we still dated and turns out the girl cheats on me behind my back with this friend i was telling you about his name is rick hurts me really bad so then me and her start haveing problems and we break up so a little down the road we halfe to move from the lake back in to town in to a apartment house so then i never talk to her again its got to be a year so then this girl her mom kicks her out of her house no where to go me and my brother takes her in but it was up to me my brother let her stay with us gtill she got on her feet so now she wanted me back and i said i would take her back so now i ben noing her for a year and we are dateing but the problem is she dose not show love in are relationship we never hang out togeather can you help me what do i do please i'm so upset i cant sleep at night help me

Michael, It is a phase in your life that will pass. It is rather unfortunate that it seems this lady is taking advantage of you. Life doesn't give you what you deserve most of the time but what you demand from life is what you probably get. You do not deserve this sort of lady who I'm afraid to say does not love you. She'd rather you were a player than a straight forward emotional man. Some girls really appreciate men who are emotional and genuine but also like to know they are rough on the sides. It reassures them of security. I'm not condemning her but I think you need to move on and find happiness regardless of her existence. You will not get over this emotional prison until you realise that there is someone out there who is better and more suited to you. The day you find that out, you will become free indeed. Make steps to get yourself out of jail. It is not your fault. You're just getting to know yourself and learning as you go so don't be hard on yourself. You nature is your nature. You cannot be someone you aren't. Like yourself the way you are.

thts really true signs...

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