7 TED Talks about Relationships That You Won't Want to Miss ...


TED talks about relationships are great because they explore the way we interact with others.

There are so many types of relationships from romantic to platonic.

I enjoy watching TED talks because they have ideas worth sharing that start conversations and can make a difference.

These are some TED talks about relationships that you wonโ€™t want to miss.

1. Letters

I admire this TED talk about relationships because it addresses letter writing.

Personally I love to write letters!

Lakshmi Pratury talks about how letter writing is a legacy we leave behind for loved ones.

Letter writing helps relationships thrive as you learn to communicate what's going on, both good and bad.

So you might just find yourself writing a letter next time instead of thinking the phone.2

2. About Marriage

Jenna McCathy explores what makes relationships last.

After all, you know what sends them down the drain, but are there things that you can do to make your marriage last?

Youโ€™ll have to see what McCathy shares in this funny TED talk.

Sheโ€™s relatable and honest which makes her talk about relationships compelling.

3. Why We Love, Why We Cheat

Helen Fisher tunes into relationships as she addresses romantic love and the brain functioning associated with that love.

An interesting thing I took from her TED talk was that your brain is stimulated in the same way when you are madly in love as when you are using cocaine.2

Crazy, right?

Well, her cross-cultural research about love and relationships prove otherwise.

4. When It Goes Wrong

Letโ€™s face it, not all relationships are healthy.

Leslie Morgan Steiner tells her story of domestic violence.

You need to learn the signs to spot and stop the cycle.

If you are in a violent relationship, you arenโ€™t alone but you need to speak up in order to break free.

I feel itโ€™s important to talk about where relationships cross the line to be able to recognize it.

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